House Plant Of The Month

A house plant is the perfect way to lift a tired living room, breathe new life in to a shady corner or, simply, bring the outdoors in – especially if you don’t have a garden to tend to. And, unlike outdoor plants, house plants often don’t need too much attention so their great for amateur horticulturalists!

Not sure where to start? Find out which plant, experts The Joy of Plants, recommend. Their selection changes month to month…

June house plant

Spathiphyllum or Peace Lily as its more commonly known, is a real beauty with it’s green, shiny leaves, creamy white spathe and pointed spadix. It comes from far away, the rainforest around the Amazon, specifically Columbia and Venezuela.It was introduced into Europe in 1870.

Place in a light or shady position and give it lots of water every week, it has no problem with wet soil. If you forget to water it – don’t worry! It’s a hardy chap. It will flower between 4 to 10 weeks and will then rest for a couple of weeks. After around 12 weeks new shoots will develop spadix again.

May house plant

Hibiscus originates from South West Asia and grows in the wild as a shrub. The spectacular flowers sometimes flower for just a day but are followed by non-stop new ones in red, orange, purple, yellow, pink, white and multi-coloured.

Keep in a sunny position and give it regular small amounts of water. If you remove the dead flowers regularly, the Hibiscus will produce new ones. You can plant outdoors in summer.

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