The vintage interiors trend making your home modern again

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  • Interiors trends come and go but one has stood the test of time and it’s about to work its way into every room of your home. Tiles, once reserved for bathroom and kitchen floors, sometimes in a checkerboard design if you were feeling particularly fancy, are now the essence of modern interiors. Attractive, durable and easy-to-clean they are paving the way for low-maintenance contemporary living.

    Immune to mucky pets and little people leaning on them, floor-to-ceiling looks are spreading from obvious rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom, into the lounge, dining room and hallway too. Intricately embossed with printed patterns, this new breed of ceramic coverings lend themselves to decorative feature walls without the fear of peeling.

    Here’s our guide on the five types of tiles to look out for and how to style them for timeless design in your home…

    1. Printed tiles

    Ceramic tiles decorated with inkjet-printed patterns are increasingly popular. Normally they
    feature a repeat pattern that’s perfect for creating a statement wall, especially in the bathroom where patterned wallpaper isn’t
    always practical.

    2. Tile rugs

    Creating a ‘rug’ using decorative
    tiles is a quick and stylish way to inject interest into narrow
    bathrooms and hallways. Or, to carve out an area within a space, for
    instance the dining area of an open plan kitchen.

    3. Metro tiles

    Metro tiles sometimes known as subway tiles are sleek, sophisticated and brick-shaped. The t-shirt bra of tiles, they never date, are comfortably unfussy and make the perfect pick for kitchen and bathroom walls.

    4. Herringbone

    A popular pattern for wood floors,
    this nostalgic crisscross design reminds us of school assembly. A great
    way to imitate wooden surfaces in look and texture, wood-effect tiles are
    embossed with intricate grain and knotholes so realistic your guests
    won’t be able to tell the difference. More importantly they repel water
    and won’t swell regardless of how often wet paws pad across them.

    5. Chevron tiles

    to the herringbone pattern, vertical zigzags are the forefront of
    cutting edge design. Opt for pearlescent

    tones that will catch the light for a luxury feel. Or, alternate with
    different colours, e.g. one flowing line of white tiles, followed by one
    flowing line of grey tiles, then white, then grey, etc. to create a
    contemporary chevron pattern that’s popular on Instagram and interiors
    blogs. Options are endless but remember to dry lay your design before tiling to make sure you’re happy with the overall look.

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