The genius product that will give you the kitchen you’ve dreamed of

Promotional feature with Saniflo

Been hankering after an island unit or looking to create a laundry room in your basement?

There are often a myriad of ways to make better use of space in our homes – and kitchens tend to be the busiest rooms in the house, where clever planning will pay rich dividends.

That’s why we’re excited about a plumbing solution that could open up the potential of unused spaces or make it easier to reconfigure a kitchen to add an island.

Sinks, dishwashers and washing machines can now be placed virtually anywhere, thanks to a clever product from Saniflo – best known for 60 years as the UK’s go-to brand for creating bathrooms or ensuites in unconventional spaces.

Saniflo’s powerful Sanivite+ pump works with sinks and grey water appliances to remove waste water to an existing drain so there’s no need for expensive pipework or upheaval.

It’s cleaner and easier to install than traditional plumbing and it can be neatly hidden away in a cabinet or built-in cupboard.

This means you could install a freestanding island housing your sink and dishwasher in any room you choose, or open out your existing arrangement to create a kitchen-diner. It’s the easy way to add a practical and stylish centrepiece where family and friends can congregate.

And if you want to free up space in an existing kitchen, you could consider creating a separate utility zone in an unused part of your home. A basement or garage are ideal locations to hide away the washing machine and install a sink for those muddy trainers.

Maybe you’d like to create a mini kitchen in a workspace or convert a room for self-contained studio living? With the Saniflo Sanivite+, all these options are possible because it will discreetly and quietly pump away waste water, even from basement level.

Saniflo has more than 30 products that can be used in kitchens and bathrooms, so the possibilities are endless. Consider the options and you’ll not only maximise the efficiency of your space, you’ll also make your home even more attractive to future buyers when you do decide to move.

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