Dubai is facing a surge in Covid-19 cases following celebrity holidays

Dubai's Covid-19 surge comes after several celebrities received backlash from traveling during the pandemic

Dubai / picture taken on March 25, 2020 shows a skyline of skyscrapers in the Emirati city of Dubai
(Image credit: Getty Images / GIUSEPPE CACACE / Contributor)

Dubai’s Covid-19 cases have tripled in the last month after celebrities flocked to the sun-soaked destination on holiday.

With the news of the Covid-19-vaccines being rolled out, and even Dame Judi Dench encouraging us all to get one, better times seem to be on the horizon, which is why it seems pretty silly for celebrities to be jetting off all over the globe.

‘One rule for them, another for us’ is a phrase seen often on social media over the last few months. With lockdowns and restrictions happening on a global scale the divide between us mere mortals and the celebrities of the world is growing, but now they're starting to see a backlash and we can't say we're surprised.

Dubai is at the center of the backlash after hoards of celebrities flocked there. The economy of Dubai relies on the influx of tourism and right now it’s at its peak after the United Arab Emirates promoted itself as the ideal pandemic holiday escape. With no plans to close to tourism Dubai is now facing a  massive Covid-19 surge.

Celebrities like Laura Anderson from Love Island have seen major backlash after branding her holiday as ‘essential.’ Olivia Attwood, another Love Island star has called for the Dubai Holidayers accounts to be unfollowed and boycotted.

Anderson has already lost 12,000 followers with one user commenting on a recent picture from Dubai, “Unfollow these influences who are flaunting being abroad.” The Sun has even released a chart showing the decline in followers from the Love islanders in Dubai, with Anton Danyluk having lost 14k.

They are not the only ones receiving backlash however, high profile celebs have also been receiving questions about their holidaying.

Dua Lipa has had constant comments on her endless holiday snaps from Mexico, stating she has broken restrictions. With one Instagram user saying “Girl stay home we’re in a pandemic.” 

And the Kardashians also received complaints throughout 2020, for partying and travelling despite the pandemic and travel restrictions.