The Bespoke Skincare Secret French Women Swear By

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  • Meet the most popular skincare brand you’ve never heard of.

    ioma Paris, purveyor of bespoke day and night cream, sells a product a minute to its discerning French clientele, and will be arriving on our shores this month. 

    Using a skin measuring device, which touches down in Harrods mid-April, ioma reads every layer of your skin from the surface down, as well as taking into account genetic, lifestyle and external factors that can affect your complexion. 

    From this data, each customer is given a seven digit Skincode which allows the company’s advisors to create your bespoke day and night cream formula from a possible 40,257 formulations. 

    For those who like to develop a lasting relationship with their favourite beauty brands, the journey doesn’t end when you walk away from the beauty hall.

    Customers are encouraged to return to the counter after four weeks for another reading. Here the advisors can use your new Skincode to monitor which areas have shown the most improvement and generate a new formula based on these benefits. 

    ioma Paris will be in Harrods beauty hall from mid-April, prices start from £149.

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