Attract success: Making an impact

Make an impact
A woman who knows herself carries a sense of inner security and self-awareness that shines out from her whether she’s in a gorgeous designer frock or an old pair of tracksuit pants. Have you noticed how some people just stand out from the crowd whatever they’re wearing? And very often these people aren’t even conventionally good-looking, but somehow they catch the eye and make an impact wherever they go.

The good news is that if they can tap into this charismatic energy, then so can you!

Express your originality
You’re a one-off, the only one of you on the planet, so appreciate your totally unique qualities and as you do so you’ll find that others will value them too. Find it hard to see your specialness? Ask a good friend to choose three words to describe your key attributes.

Promote yourself.
Don’t be a shrinking violet. Whether you’re looking for a new job, a new relationship or you just want to feel great, get positive about what you have to offer. Try writing your own personal ad. What exactly are your unique selling points? Limit yourself to just 200 words to describe your charms, talents and strengths. Don’t be shy, get it down on paper and then read it out loud. You see, you really have got whatever it takes.

Be spontaneous.
Start listening and responding to your intuitive voice and you will be able to make quicker and better decisions. When you can respond instinctively you will feel not only feel better but also become known for your flexibility and natural flair.

As soon as you believe that you can do something it becomes entirely possible. Bet on yourself, support your dreams with positive action and take the steps you need to take to reach your goals.

Other tips for attracting success:

Be in it to win it
Be magnetic
Believe in yourself

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