Attract success: Be magnetic

Get ahead in your career with Life Coach Lynda Field’s top tips for attracting success

Be magnetic
Your personal magnetism is the most powerful aspect of the image that you project. Sure, the right outfit and great hair is a big part of being relaxed, but we also need the inner confidence and self-belief that will make us feel, act and look like a winner.

Maximise your magnetism
When you radiate confidence, enthusiasm and excitement you magnetise even more of the same into your life. You don’t always feel like this? No one does all the time but there are mind tricks you can use to help conjure up that positive feeling and with it the higher chance of a successful outcome.

Try this
Remember a time when you were feeling powerful and in charge. How did you act? How did you speak? What was your outcome? In other words, what did you attract to yourself and exactly how did you attract it? Think about that experience and tap into the feelings you had at that time.

Now think of a time when your energy was low and your negative expectations were fulfilled. Can you remember how you acted and how you spoke? What sort of outcome did you attract and why did you attract it?

Next time you are feeling low in personal energy just remember that you can turn this situation around. Uplift yourself and your future prospects by tapping into a positive view of yourself, remembering a successful experience. It may sound simple but the mind is a powerful tool that you can control. The cycle of success is only a positive thought away.

Whenever you close off and forget your own amazing potential, those positive feelings, upbeat people, wonderful opportunities and lucky breaks will all drop away from you and you will feel their lack as you sink into negativity. On the other hand, if you keep open and aware, then positivity in all its forms will be attracted to you.

Other tips for attracting success:

Be in it to win it
Make an impact
Believe in yourself

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