Where to buy plants online: the best retailers for adding greenery to your growing collection

Looking to grow your plant collection? These are our favourite places for purchasing new green additions online

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When it comes to adding to your plant collection, you want to know you've sourced your chosen species from the very best places. This is why we found the most highly recommended plant shops online to purchase directly from your sofa.

If you're looking to add more of the best indoor plants for your health and well-being to your home you may think you need to take a trip to the garden centre. And whilst we recommend shopping small, sometimes getting there isn't possible which is where trusted high-quality online plant shops come in. 

Whether they're trusted names or plant-specific shops you haven't heard of before, we scouted out only the best online retailers offering some of the most stunning plant life. 

No matter your budget, style or plant preference these brands have something for everyone and we might just have to purchase something ourselves. 

The best places to buy plants online 

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Surrounding yourself with houseplants and outdoor greenery is extremely beneficial for several reasons. Whether you're looking for fragrant plants to make your house smell good or need some houseplants that help with condensation, it's never been easier to buy them online. 

Creating your dream leafy paradise is quite literally now just at the click of a button. But with that ease, there's a risk, a risk that you could be buying a dying plant or that it could be delivered half destroyed. That's why we did the research and put together a list of brands that will only supply the healthiest species delivered safely to your door, no panic needed. 

1. B&Q

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Whilst you may know B&Q more commonly for their hardware and DIY items, they have a brilliant selection of houseplants and accessories. They even launched a recycling scheme for plant pots that started in May, so that gives them extra points for sustainability practices too. 

Not every single plant on their website is available for home delivery which can be frustrating if you're looking for a particular species, however, they have so much choice that you're sure to find a replacement you'll be happy with. On the other hand, they have some species on the site that are exclusively online and can't be found in stores, so that's an advantage. 

And it's not just houseplants, they also offer garden plants too which is perfect if you're too busy with your zen garden ideas to nip to the shop. 

Each plant has an in-depth product information section on the site so you can learn everything you need to about your possible new addition. They also provide care instructions within that, so even after buying you can refer back for help to keep your plant happy. 

Prices definitely vary as they have anything from succulents to rare houseplants like their Monstera Thai Constellation. Overall, the prices are surprisingly affordable for a large retailer like this and their delivery is consistently reliable across varying-sized plants. 

2. Marks & Spencer

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That's right, it's not just a place to get sensational bras and linen trousers! Marks and Spencer offer some stunning plants and their branded flare isn't missing from their selection either. We love M&S for plant gifts as they have some well-presented, high-quality orchids and baskets available. 

If you're looking for something more than a singular plant or even feel like you're up to the challenge of caring for an orchid, M&S is the one for you. Each plant comes in a super chic, suits-any-home pot or basket too which saves you spending any more money on added accessories. 

With prices starting at £20, their selection is a little more expensive but it's because of the impressive presentation. Their well-groomed plants are picture-perfect and there are even some species where you have the choice to decide what pot you'd like it to come in. So if you're into your dopamine decor and don't love the minimaluxe vibe of a white pot, you can change things up.

We've picked out a few favourites from their selection, which isn't huge but still an all-rounder. The foliage planter is one of our favourites, the mix of so many different plants is so unique and although it would make a fabulous gift, your home deserves it too. 

3. Bloom and Wild


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Known for having one of the best flower delivery services in the UK thanks to their fantastic selection of flowers that come in letterbox-sized packaging, Bloom & Wild also sells houseplants and offers the same level of service and wide variety in their plant delivery service.

Bloom & Wild specialise in smaller houseplants that will give your living room a vibrant uplift when placed on a side table, desk or windowsill, rather than large and tall plants that can fill an empty corner. 

We found the plants from Bloom & Wild to be slightly more expensive than similar products at other online retailers, but their attractive, colourful pots are included in the price - we just wish you had the option to mix and match the plant you wanted with the pot that would most suit your interior paint colour scheme. 

For gifting, this online plant seller comes out on top. You can select a specific date to have your plant delivered, making it ideal for birthday or Mother's and Father's Day surprises.

4. John Lewis & Partners

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John Lewis has some gorgeous houseplants to shop on their website and what they offer that lots of other online plant retailers don't is the option to buy plants or succulents in bundles.

Buying a small set of plants or succulents is a great way to refresh your existing collection at home, or start building a new one. 

Each plant bundle comes complete with stylish planters and is named according to what the set is best suited for - whether that be a certain room of the house such as the 'bathroom plants' bundle, or a function in the home like air purifying. These are great plants for the kitchen to help with smells and residual smoke. 

The added benefit of shopping from a large online retailer such as John Lewis is that delivery is free and you can also get any other pots or plant care accessories at the same time - from houseplant feed to beautifying leaf spray. 

5. Patch Plants


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Fairly new on the scene, Patch Plants was founded in 2016 and continued to grow and grow over the years. It not only offers some of the most unique species available but it also does so in an extremely accessible and fun way. For instance, they name every plant with a very charming human name and we couldn't love it more. 

Their mission is to make plant care easier and this can be seen immediately with their individual care guides on each product. They even have plant doctors available to chat with on their site if you're ever left wondering why your peace lily has started drooping

Another thing that sets them apart from other retailers is their guaranteed quality. They source their plants from top-rated growers and make sure to quality-check them at every stage until they arrive at your door. We also appreciated their 30-day policy which says you can get a replacement or refund if you're not 100% happy with your plant within the month. 

The prices of the plants vary on what size you want and what pot you'd like it to come in. And whilst the choice makes the shopping experience so much easier, it's clear to see why they're a little more on the expensive side than say B&Q are. Outdoor plants are also available on the site, so nothing is stopping you from trying out some cottage garden ideas

6. The Stem

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The Stem is one of the best places to buy plants online for both your home and garden, with a wide variety of houseplants, shrubs, seeds and bulbs that you can buy on their own or in a beautiful pot to complete the look.

You can search for plants using a variety of different, helpful criteria: ease of care, light needs, pet-friendly plants and more. Then, when you click on a plant you're interested in, you are given additional information as to where in your home the houseplant would have the best chance of thriving. This means the chances of you making any common houseplant mistakes are very slim. 

Each delivered plant comes with a handy 'plant care tips' card with a QR code. When scanned, it gives you access to a range of guides on Stem’s website covering everything from how much sunlight your house plant needs, to how to repot it once it outgrows its first tub.

7. RHS plants

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What better place to buy plants from than the Royal Horticultural Society? They're the UK's leading gardening charity and their online shop truly has it all. From planting trees or shrubs in your garden to creating a home filled with houseplants, the RHS are here to help. 

They have a huge selection of both indoor and outdoor plants to choose from with various options of sizes, pots and colours. Some of their species, especially their orchid selections are UK-grown so they have complete control over the quality and the reduced transportation is an added bonus too. 

When it comes to price, we'd say they're affordable considering the high-quality products and their accreditations as plant sellers. Their snake plant has an RHS award of garden merit and is available in two sizes with prices from £16.99 to £118.99, so they certainly aren't the most budget option. 

Their delivery costs also vary depending on the size of the plant and how many you're purchasing within one order, but again it's rather reasonable as they take extra care when delivering and packaging your plants. They even have guarantees on plants which means should the item die from causes, not of your doing they'll troubleshoot and refund or replace it for you. 


What things should you look out for when buying plants online?

Although on the whole positive, there are some things you'll want to keep in mind when shopping for plants online. There are a few pitfalls that could mean you end up with a sub-par product or not the one you intended to get. 

"When buying plants online, you need to consider the reliability of the seller and the quality of their plants, while also taking into account their shipping methods and return policies," says Georgina O'Grady, managing director at Evergreen Direct. "Keep an eye out for detailed product descriptions, photos and customer reviews to ensure you're making a well-informed decision."

She also recommends checking for guarantees or warranties on plant health so you don't end up stuck with a plant that gets a disease or wilts way before it should have. 

What are the benefits of buying plants online?

As mentioned previously, various reasons why buying plants online is better than shopping in person. Even when you don't know the first thing about how to care for indoor and outdoor plants, shopping online can make the whole journey that much easier.

"Speaking from experience, I've found online plant shopping to be incredibly convenient, with much more choice than in-store plant shopping," explains Georgina. "It also gives you the breathing room to conduct your own independent research and compare prices. Many of these sites even provide professional care tips, making it easier for beginners to nurture their plants." 

So now nothing is stopping you from curating a plant collection to be proud of. And with help from you're online research, who knows, you could be a professional in caring for a bonsai tree in no time.

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