Best luxury Christmas crackers: these will make your festive celebrations go off with a bang!

We pulled the best luxury Christmas crackers to see if they are really worth the price tag.

Best luxury Christmas crackers
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Choosing the best luxury Christmas crackers can be hard, as it's not until you've (literally) pulled them apart that you'll know whether they were a good buy or not. And, by that time, the turkey is on the table and it's far too late to be returning anything or buying something new.

But help is here! That's why we've rounded up the best luxury Christmas crackers (below) so you can be sure of a good buy. But, hurry, these will sell out fast. And, if you love them, you can always get them now to save for next year.

Best luxury Christmas crackers 2020

Lakeland Snowman Bowling Crackers

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1. Lakeland Snowman Bowling Crackers

Best for family fun

Number in set: 6
Recyclable: Yes, glitter-free, foil-free, fully recyclable card
Prizes: Communal bowling game

Sometimes the contents of Christmas crackers can be tricky for kids. And there's nothing worse than seeing the excitement drain from a five-year-old's face as you explain to them what a shoehorn is for! This set from Lakeland puts an end to all that. The box contains a bowling board game, with each cracker having a mini tenpin snowman inside. Once all the crackers are pulled you can set up this easy-but-addictive dining table game. There's even a storage bag to keep the game safe for the following year. A great pick with very little waste.

HARRODS OF LONDON In Vogue Christmas Crackers

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2. Harrods of London In Vogue Christmas Crackers

Best for a touch of glamour

Number in set: 6
Recyclable: Fabric and jewels can be used again, recyclable tray
Prizes: Yes

Wow! These really do stand out from the rest when it comes to the best luxury Christmas crackers. But, with a hefty price tag, it's no wonder. Each cracker comes in a bold design with jewel-encrusted bow. Prizes inside include a compact mirror, tape measure, bottle stopper and lipstick holder. These are so fabulous, you won't even want to pull them!

John Lewis & Partners Art Nouveau Peacock Feather Christmas Crackers

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3. John Lewis & Partners Art Nouveau Peacock Feather Christmas Crackers

Best for style

Number in set: 6
Recyclable: Yes
Prizes: Yes

Not only is the Art Nouveau design stunning (and very on-trend right now), but John Lewis has made some important changes to make sure these crackers are much better for the environment. They are made without plastic, glitter and PET (polyethylene terephthalate), so are fully recyclable. As well as a hat and cheesy joke, some of the prizes inside include a yo-yo, keyring, cookie cutter and card holder. 

Celebration House Limited velvet-bow crackers

(Image credit: Selfridges)

4. Selfridges Celebration House Limited Velvet-Bow Crackers

Best for putting on the tree

Number in set: 6
Recyclable: 100% paper with velvet bows
Prizes: Yes

They might be small, but these luxury Christmas crackers are perfectly formed! These miniature-sized crackers would look great both on the tree and on the table. The rich gold paper looks stunning combined with the black velvet bows. Inside the prizes are small, but good quality. They include a grater, tea strainer, whisk and wooden spoon. 

Luxury Connoisseur Christmas Crackers with Place Cards

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5. M&S Luxury Connoisseur Christmas Crackers with Place Cards

Best for using as placeholders

Number in set: 6
Recyclable: Single-use plastic has been reduced
Prizes : Yes

With a decadent leaf tag on one end, these are ideal for writing the names of your guests on and using as placeholders. In order to reduce single-use plastic, these crackers include prizes that can be used again and again, such as playing cards, a mini hip flask and wooden honey dipper. Plus, there's still the traditional paper hat, joke and trivia question. An all-round good buy.

Paperchase Luxury Crackers

(Image credit: Paperchase)

6. Paperchase Luxury Christmas Crackers

Best for adult guests

Number in set: 6
Recyclable: Plastic-free contents
Prizes: Yes

Who says crackers are just for children? This luxury box from Paperchase is ideal for adults-only gatherings. That's not to say that they're not fun, (after all, they still contain a hat and side-splitting joke!), but the prizes are more suitable for the more mature dinner guest. Expect to find a screwdriver, trolley coin, wine charms, bottle opener and more inside.

Fortnum & Mason Piccadilly Crackers

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7. Fortnum & Mason Piccadilly Crackers

Best for budding chefs

Number in set: 6
Recyclable: All apart from ribbons, bows and trims, which can be re-used
Prizes: Yes, kitchen themed

Calling all cooks! These luxury Christmas crackers are ideal for any family who love spending time together in the kitchen whipping up treats. That's because all the miniature prizes are actually cooking utensils! But that's not all. Each cracker contains a hat, joke and recipe where you can test out the utensil. This is a pricy pick, but it contains a salt scoop, cookie cutter, lemon reamer and more.

Santa And Reindeer Traditional Christmas Crackers

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8. Santa And Reindeer Traditional Christmas Crackers

Best for teen girls

Number in set: 6
Recyclable: Can be reused as decorations
Prizes: Yes

Out of all the crackers we tried and tested, these certainly look the cutest! But that's not the only reason we recommend them for the teens in your life. The contents includes pin badges, stationery and games which they will love. And, of course, a hat and joke in each one! There's also the option to have these personalised if you wish.

Charity Christmas Crackers from

(Image credit: Advent of Change)

9. Advent of Change Charity Christmas Crackers

Best for giving back

Number in set: 6
Recyclable: Entire cracker and its contents are recyclable or compostable
Prizes: No, donation to charity with each "pull" instead

Christmas can sometimes seem like a season of excess, so it's good to take stock and give back to those less fortunate than yourself. The easiest (and most fun!) way to do this is with these crackers. Each cracker you pull donates £2 to a worthy charity. This year it includes supporting key workers, providing homeless children with a clean, warm bed to sleep in and more. But there is some fun to be had - each cracker also contains a hat, plus a joke written by a top celebrity. These are definitely the kindest crackers we've seen.

Robin Reed Jingles Crackers x 6

(Image credit: Dobbies)

10. Robin Reed Jingles Crackers

Best for adding sparkle

Number in set: 6
Recyclable: No as contains glitter
Prizes: Yes

The main thing we love about these handmade crackers, which have been rolled in the traditional way, is that they don't scream Christmas. This makes them ideal if you want to save them for another special occasion, such as a birthday. They really add sparkle! And, no one will feel disappointed as each cracker contains a small gift.

Tesco Luxury Frosted Forest Crackers

(Image credit: Tesco)

11. Tesco Luxury Frosted Forest Crackers

Best for being plastic free

Number in set: 6
Recyclable: Yes, all plastic free
Prizes : Paper tree decorations

Waste isn't good at any time of the year. But, at Christmas, it definitely feels that much worse. The first thing we love about these crackers is the simple design – they are not too glitzy – and that's because they've been made plastic-free. And this goes for the insides, too! While you still get a hat and motto, the prizes are recyclable tree decorations which look super stylish. And, if that's not enough, these are really wide, so great to grip if you have huge hands. We love.

Melt London Christmas Crackers

(Image credit: Melt London)

12. Melt Christmas Crackers

Best for chocoholics

Number in set: 6
Recyclable: Plastic free, can use ribbon in crafting project
Prizes: No, chocolate!

While most of us can't wait to pull our crackers before we start eating Christmas dinner, these are perfect to have after the main event. Why? Well, instead of containing toys and trinkets, these are filled with decadent chocolates. And not just any old sweet stuff, Melt London has some of the finest chocolate in the country, which makes each mouthful a taste sensation. You may even skip on dessert!

Wilko 6 Pack Cocktail Kisses Gold Christmas Luxury Crackers 14inch

(Image credit: Wilko)

13. Wilko Cocktail Kisses Gold Christmas Luxury Crackers

Best for value

Number in set: 6
Recyclable: Prizes can be reused
Prizes: Yes

You can still have a little luxury in your life without spending a fortune in the process. That's why we love this pick from Wilko. Not only do the crackers look good but the contents is some of the most generous we have seen, especially considering the price. This includes a lipstick-shaped pen, travel game, tape measure and yo-yo. A great buy.

Cath Kidston FESTIVE PARTY ANIMALS Four Crackers Gift Set

(Image credit: Cath Kidston)

14. Cath Kidston Festive Party Animals Four Crackers Gift Set

Best for stocking fillers

Number in set: 4
Recyclable: Parts of packaging
Prizes: Vegan-friendly body wash (30ml)

While the design on these luxury Christmas crackers is oh-so-cute and would look great on your dining room table, these also make great stocking fillers. Each one contains a different shower gel, with fragrances including red berry or lavender and chamomile. A great gift - you won't want to pull the crackers but keep them forever.

luxury christmas crackers

(Image credit: Whitley Neill Gin)

15. Whitley Neill Gin Christmas Cracker Set

Best for gin lovers

Number in set: 6
Recyclable: Yes
Prizes: Mini bottle 5cl gin

Adults-only celebration this year? Then a mini bottle of gin liqueur inside your luxury Christmas cracker could be just the thing! Each one has a different flavour, which includes Parma Violet and Pink Grapefruit. Although we love these, they lose some points for having the flavour of the gin inside written on the outside. But, overall, these will definitely go down well with guests!

Candy Cane luxury Christmas crackers pack of six

(Image credit: Selfridges)

16. Nancy & Betty Studio Candy Cane Luxury Christmas Crackers

Best for impressing guests

Number in set: 6
Recyclable: Some parts are
Prizes: yes

Decorate your Christmas table with crackers from Selfridges and most people will be impressed. Not only is the candy cane design iconic, but the prizes inside are a little different to what you usually see. These include wild flower seeds, a tea bag, jam and twine. Plus, not only do you get a hat and joke, but each cracker also includes a comedy moustache. If you have the cash to splash, then why not?

John Lewis & Partners Xylophone Christmas Crackers, Pack of 8

(Image credit: John Lewis)

17. John Lewis & Partners Xylophone Christmas Crackers

Best for beating that after dinner lull

Number in set: 8
Recyclable: Yes for packaging, but crackers contain glitter
Prizes: Xylophone section

Hate that slump in conversation at the dinner table that can often happen? Then these luxury Christmas crackers are for you. Instead of a prize, each cracker contains a xylophone piece which can be fitted together to make a tune. Music fans will love working together as a team to create some wonderful sounds! 

Robin Reed Kitchen Utensils Crackers x 6

(Image credit: Dobbies)

18. Robin Reed Kitchen Utensils Crackers

Best for practical prizes

Number in set: 6
Recyclable: Does contain glitter and plastic
Prizes: All kitchen utensils

Entertaining older family members instead of children? Then the usual prize toys might not be right for you. Instead, these luxury glitter crackers could be just the thing as each one contains a cooking utensil. What's more, they are actually useful so you will use again and again. Good pick and a great price.

Elf Christmas Crackers by IDYLL HOME

(Image credit: IDYLL HOME)

19. Elf Christmas Crackers by Idyll Home

Best for something more unique

Number in set: 6
Recyclable: Mostly
Prizes: Yes

These elf-shaped luxury Christmas crackers are so cute you won't want to pull them! They are adorable, and will definitely make people smile when they see them. As well as a small toy in each (such as a yo-yo or photo frame), they also have a hat and joke inside. Simply wonderful!

Recycled Union Jack Christmas Crackers


20. Recycled Union Jack Christmas Crackers by Sophia Victoria Joy

Best for being eco friendly

Number in set : 6
Recyclable: Handmade from screen printed recycled paper
Prizes: Candy canes and pin badges

There's nothing worse than a lot of waste at Christmas time. This pick is eco-friendly, as they have been made with recycled paper, while the ribbon can be reused for crafting projects. Great for all ages, the contents includes a festive badge, candy cane, joke and hat. Plus, the Union Jack design is ideal if you don't want a traditional festive feel to your table this year.

Baylis & Harding The Fuzzy Duck Winter Wonderland 4 Crackers Set

(Image credit: Baylis & Harding)

21. Baylis & Harding The Fuzzy Duck Winter Wonderland Cracker Giftset

Best for beauty lovers

Number in set: 4
Recyclable: Some parts of packaging
Prizes: Body lotion and body wash

Looking for something a bit different than toys for prizes? While there are tons of bath and beauty Christmas crackers on the market at the moment, these get our vote as 1. They are a great price. 2 They contain festive gin & tonic and sloe gin fragrances, which smell divine! Plus, they are suitable for vegans and not tested on animals. We adore these!


(Image credit: MY GREEN CHRISTMAS)

22. My Green Christmas Seed Christmas Crackers

Best for gardeners

Number in set: 6
Recyclable: Yes, fully eco-friendly
Prizes: Each cracker contains a pack of seeds

Budding gardeners in the family? Then this is the pick for you! Each cracker has a stunning design of a woodland creature on the front, but that's not the best bit. Inside, instead of a toy, you get a packet of seeds, including sunflower, white daisy and red poppy. Plus, this is such an eco-friendly pick that even the ribbon is biodegradable! A star buy.


(Image credit: FOREVER CRACKERS )

23. Forever Crackers

Best for using forever

Number in set: 6
Recyclable: Yes, 100% reusable
Prizes: No, you have to fill

Wow, these have an eye-watering price tag, but they are also stunning and will last you forever. Made with luxury linen or silk, each handmade, embroidered cracker can be reused year after year. So, there's zero waste at all. Plus, plenty of designs to choose from. You can fill them with anything that will fit – we suggest a scratchcard or mini bottle of booze. So beautiful.

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