Best family board games that will keep you entertained during quiet weekends

Best family board games to gather everyone around the table

Best family board games that will keep you entertained during quiet weekends
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When it comes to family get-togethers, playing family board games is arguably the best kind of entertainment there is.

Whether it's a special occasion, a big family gathering or an intimate weekend meal, dabbling in a board game is a great way to bond and get the brain juices flowing at the same time.

So we've picked out the best board games to make sure your house is stocked up for a rainy day. And if there's one family bonding game that comes out above the rest, it has to be Articulate, which encourages even the most contentious of family members to bond through shared knowledge and experiences.

We've also picked out the best options for bookworms and creatives, as well as those who can't get enough of trivia. And there's even a pick for those who are obsessed with the magic and mystery of Harry Potter...

Best family board games

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Best overall

Amazon board games

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Articulate! – fast talking description game

To play with those who know you best

Amp up the mealtime excitement with this fast-paced game that will force you to expand your mind to think of different ways to explain even the most mundane of objects, most common of holiday destinations and most popular of celebrities.

You'll need at least four players for this one as each side needs one reader and one describer. But you can play with as many loved ones as you like – the more the better! Just be sure to pick your teammates wisely as any telepathic vibes will go a long way with this one.

Best for thrill seekers

Amazon board games

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Hasbro Jenga classic

You'll need a steady hand for this one

If your idea of the ideal day out is to explore the biggest rollercoasters of the world's most renowned theme parks, then this one is sure to give you the adrenaline fix that you love.

Build up the blocks and do your best to remove each one without knocking the tower over. A great game for if there's only a small group too!

Best for risk takers

Amazon board game

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You have to be brave and take a risk to win

If you like to work your brain but also get a thrill from risking it all then this will give you the best of both with its brilliant concept. Instead of answering questions straight, this game involves a little twist in which you have to guess a range – but will you go wide or take a risk and go more specific?

With a whole load of questions and extra packs available this is a game that's sure to provide endless hours of fun. And it's a great one for perking things up on a video call too!

Best for competitive families

Amazon board games

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Spin Master Games Beat the Parents

Two-children families will love this one

Parents and kids go head-to-head in this one that has thrilling questions designed for both children and adults, and even fun challenges for each team to complete on the way to victory.

This one might even come to cause some rifts!

Best card game

Amazon board games

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Monopoly Deal card game

Take this on the go for hours of fun

If there's one board game we've all fallen out over at one point or another it's Monopoly. And this micro version of the combative game may even win over more fans than its predecessor as you can go from start to finish in just 15 minutes, so you're not stuck at the dining table for hours.

Of course, not all games will go by this quickly and it does rely on both skill and luck – so you can never predict the winner with this one!

Best for creative types

Amazon board games

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Even beginners can do well at this

A classic that will test even the most creative of artists out there, this comes with prompts and clues to guide players through the game.

You may have to think outside the box a little to see things from your team players' perspectives though!

Best for book worms

Amazon board games

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Scrabble original

You'll need to warm your brain up for this one

Readers and non-readers alike can enjoy this classic battle of words that challenges you to come up the smartest words you can think of. 

And even if your vocabulary is on the more limited side, play with some strategy to try and use special spaces on the board to gain you more points.

Best for trivia fans

Amazon board games

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Cheatwell Games Top Trivia Ultimate

Unleash your inner quizzer

We're all secretly desperate to show off our knowledge about certain subjects, so no-one can escape the allure of a trivia game. This one comes with 4,500 questions covering topics such as sport, TV and film, general knowledge and music so that you can keep going for hours on end.

Best for big families

Amazon board game

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Trivia – but with a colourful twist

Everyone loves a trivia quiz, but the normal question and answer format can get a bit boring. So this turns the mundane quiz on its head with a colourful twist.

With questions for every member of the family – from the colours of the Teletubbies to those of the five Olympic rings – this will challenge you to dig into the depths of your mind and remember those all-too familiar colours you're sure you've seen before.

Best for kids

Amazon board games

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Charades for kids game

You might discover a future acting career here

We all love a bit of charades, but this version for kids will let them express themselves while learning about different topics in fun way.

Expect prompts such as 'kangaroo', 'chopping wood' and 'putting a cassette in the player'. Though we expect any 21st century babies might have a problem with the last of those...

Best for history buffs

Amazon board game

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What came first?

Cast your mind back...

Cast your mind back to the first time you had a bagel – can you remember? Well if so, then this one is for you. With 50/50 answers you have to hedge your bets with this one, which requires you to choose which of the two proffered options came first first.

With questions like ciabatta vs bagel, Tupac vs Notorious B.I.G. and the Himalayas vs. the Rockies, this is one that allows the whole family to show off their knowledge.

Best for Harry Potter fans

Amazon board games

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Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

Immerse yourself in the magical world

All those rereads and rewatches of the iconic fiction series will come in handy for this ultimate Trivial Pursuit game that challenges all us muggles to tap into our Hogwarts lessons on our way to becoming a wizarding champion.

Play as a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin and answer questions on everything from your favourite magical creatures, to the hidden corners of Diagon Alley and the deepest depths of the dark arts.

Our verdict on the best board games

If it's an all-rounder you're looking for that the whole family will love then we think Articulate is the way to go. With rounds covering places, people, objects, nature, actions and even a challenging random category, it'll keep the whole family on their toes for hours on end and give you a whole tonne of laughs along the way.

We also think Scrabble is a great one to dip into now and then if you're trying to keep your brain active, and if it's sleuth competition you're after then Monopoly Deal has to be up there with the best.

We'd stock up on all of these so that they're in the house for whatever occasion you need them for. Happy playing!

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