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What comes to mind when you think of cranberry juice? That's right: UTIs and cystitis. Not exactly the most glamorous of topics, we know, but there's no denying cranberry juice has bladder-boosting super powers. But, did you know cranberry juice has plenty of other health benefits, too? Scroll down to read the top ways cranberry juice can boost your wellbeing from the inside out.

1. Protects against UTIs

We had to start with the biggie – we can't talk about cranberry juice without mentioning it's brilliant ability to protect against cystitis and UTIs. Cranberries contain chemicals called PACs (proanthocyanidins) which prevent bacteria from attaching to the urinary tract. This stops bacteria from multiplying so easily, and can prevent UTIs and cystitis from taking hold. Medical experts recommend drinking 100ml of pure, unsweetened cranberry juice a day of you frequently suffer from UTIs.

2. Actually relieves UTIs

In fact, cranberry juice's super-powers against UTIs are so good we had to mention them twice. If you're already suffering with cystitis, drinking cranberry juice can actually relieve those needly-sharp pains.

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3. Prevents Tooth Decay

Did you know that cranberry juice can have a positive effect on your teeth? Yes, it's acidic, but in the same way that the PACs help against UTIs, which are caused by bacteria, they can also ward off cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth.

4. Gives you a big hit of Vitamin C

Another little-known perk of cranberries is that they're super-high in Vitamin C. In fact, cranberries contain 13.3mg of it per 100g. Get glugging on the red juice and reap its immune-system-boosting and mood-lifting benefits.

5. Boosts immunity

It's not just through its mega-dose of Vitamin C that cranberry juice aids your immune system – it's bursting with other antioxidants, too. A study by the University of Florida showed that people who drank one glass of cranberry juice a day suffered from less colds than those that didn't.

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6. Heart health

Cranberries contain flavanoids, which can help lower the risk of heart problems. They prevent the accumulation of certain plaques in your heart - plaques can thicken your arteries, increasing your chance of a stroke or heart attack.

7. Aids weight loss

As if all these perks weren't enough, cranberry juice ticks another big box: switching it in to your diet helps with losing weight. Order a vodka and cranberry for a healthier alternative to your usual spirit + fizzy mixer - just remember to always opt for the unsweetened version.

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