How To Speed Up Your Metabolism

Our 7-day metabolism boosting diet will teach you how to speed up your metabolism, and targets your tummy, hips and thighs for a slimmer you...

A metabolism boosting diet plan that works fast, tastes good and doesn’t feel like a life sentence? You’ve come to the right place! Our 7-day metabolism boosting diet targets those troublesome spots – like hips, thighs and tummy – with brilliant results – you could lose up to a stone in just three weeks.

The Metabolism-Boosting Plan

So what is the plan all about? Carbs are banned and the focus is on protein, fruit, vegetables and healthy fats. This is a good thing, as these foods are good for ensuring you never feel hungry. Both protein and fibre fill you up, while ‘good’ fats are thought to make boosting your metabolism easier, because they makes meals seem more satisfying and stop you snacking on the bad stuff. Protein also revs up your metabolism, ensuring you burn the maximum calories at all times. Plus, it’s brilliant at getting rid of that stubborn tummy fat.

Simply follow the first week exactly to get yourself started, then for the next two weeks, mix and match from the same meals and others that follow the same rules. Ideally, you should have at least five portions of fruit and vegetables and one serving of dairy a day, and it’s good to vary your proteins, such as fish, meat and tofu.

Stick to your 7-day metabolism-boosting plan exactly, and have six to eight glasses of fluid a day such as water, herbal tea, low-cal soda and tea and coffee without sugar.

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