Why sleeping with a fan on at night could be bad for you

When temperatures are high it's tempting to reach for a fan, but could using one at night be damaging your health?

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The solution that most of us have turned to, then, to alleviate the suffocating temperatures, is popping a fan on at night, in order to help us get some shut eye.

However, according to Sleep Advisor magazine, this could actually be a bad option for our health.

The publication claims that having an electric fan on throughout the night may be having an adverse effect on us, for a couple of reasons.

They claimed that as fans circulate air around the room, it may also be picking up dust and dirt, which could in turn be aggravating any allergies or sensitive skin.

If you ever wake up feeling bunged up after sleeping with a fan - you may be better off choosing a different model, or relying on an open window instead to keep you cool.

Electric fans could also be contributing towards your aches and pains. Apparently, sleeping in concentrated cool air could cause your muscles to tense up, making them sore.

Constant air on your body while you sleep could also be damaging for another reason too. According to Sleep Advisor, air from an electric fan could be drying out your skin - and may be exacerbating existing dry skin conditions such as eczema.

They said, "Lotions and moisturisers will help prevent this, but if your skin is excessively dry, use caution and monitor your skin to make sure you’re not over drying it.”

So are we still able to use our fans to get us through the hot, next few weeks?

Apparently, there are certain circumstances where an electric fan is the better option to help you keep cool.

Sleep Advisor suggest that those who keep windows and doors closed at night keep using their electric fans to stay cool.

They said, “Fans are ideal for people who get hot during the night. If you sleep in a room with the doors and windows closed, they can help with air circulation and will keep your bedroom moderately cooler.

When it comes to couples, a fan could also be a good idea in the bedroom, "if one of you sleeps hotter than the other, you might want to keep one side of the bedroom cooler than the other.”

With the heatwave set to continue on into August, we'll certainly be keeping these tips in mind...

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