Vegetarian Starters

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  • Vegetarian starters that everyone can enjoy, including stuffed artichokes, a kirsch cheese fondue to share and pea and asparagus open ravioli

    Vegetarian starters are perfect for a dinner party, whether you’re vegetarian, cooking for vegetarians or want to try something light and fresh ahead of a meaty main course.

    Our pick of vegetarian starter recipes includes easy vegetarian soups like carrot and coriander, to impressive starters like stuffed artichokes or open ravioli (which are a lot easier to make that they look). Whatever you prefer, you’re sure to find a vegetarian starter recipe for your dinner party.

    Of course, you don’t have to be vegetarian to serve up a vegetarian starter at a dinner party. They’re so easy to make that they take the hassle out of cooking and you can get on with the main course. There are so many different recipes for you to try that you’ll find yourself coming back for a different one each time you host for friends and family.

    For a sophisticated vegetarian starter, give these stuffed artichokes a go. Don’t be put off if you’ve never prepared an artichoke before, it’s surprisingly easy and really tasty, so it’s worth the effort – and our video shows you how to prepare them quickly and easily, with no waste.

    QUICK TIP: Not all cheese are vegetarian, so it’s best to check the pacakging if you’re unsure. In many cases, you can find substitues – for example, Parmesan cheese is not suitable for vegetarians, biut you can find vegetarian Italian hard cheese at most supermarkets.

    Try something new this weekend and give one of our vegetarian starters a go. They’ll be a guaranteed hit with guests and you’ll find yourself making them time and time again.

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