Tom Kerridge: My Perfect Roast Lamb

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Tom Kerridge

How do you like your roast lamb? It's a traditional Easter recipe that never fails to impress, so we asked TV chef Tom Kerridge how he makes the perfect roast lamb and what he said made us very hungry indeed.

There's only one way for Tom. For him, it's all about slow roasting, so that hours later the meat just falls off the bone and the flavours are incredible. He lets the meat speak for itself, rubbed with garlic and herbs as well as a secret ingredient that really brings its own salty depth of flavour.

"Slow roasting is how to do it," Tom says. "For me, a shoulder of lamb is the perfect cut for slow roasting because, the way that it cooks, you must have it on the bone as well so it keeps its shape. Cook it for about 4, maybe 5 hours and what will happen is the meat will flake away from the bone but because it's got such a nice, high fat content, it will keep it nice and moist.

"So get your shoulder of lamb, pierce it a few times, get some garlic cloves in there, sprinkle it with thyme leaves or rosemary and cover it with some salted anchovies. It's just absolutely delicious slow roasted shoulder of lamb."

Try Tom's roast lamb idea, or go for ourslow roasted lamb shoulder recipe, developed in the woman&home test kitchen and rubbed with garlic and rosemary and a secret ingredient of our own - a little soy sauce for that extra depth of flavour. Here's our version, looking like a pretty special Easter roast, even if we do say so ourselves.

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Tom Kerridge is a judge for Britain's Next Top Supplier, Ocado's competition to find the next big thing in food and drink.

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