Guest Blog: How To Eat (When You Can’t Eat Anything At All)

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Victoria Young

Victoria Young lives in East London with her husband (who loves carbs) and four year old son (who refuses all vegetables). In her monthly guest blog for woman&home, she shares the ups and downs of living with a special diet, in a spin on her personal blog,How to eat (when you can't eat anything at all).

Victoria was diagnosed with colitis 10 years ago. In every effort to manage her condition, she radically changed her diet. It worked - and for 7 years now, she has been medication-free and healthier than she's ever been. She knows what it's like for anyone living on a special diet, or with allergies and intolerences - and what it's like to navigate your way through meals out and having to miss out on what everyone else is eating...

How To Stop Being A Sugar Junkie

14 March 2016

Ready to give up sugar? The white stuff has had so much bad press, but it's SO addictive. Special diets blogger Victoria Young shares how she finally kicked her habit (for good). You can do it too, especially when things like her sugar free sticky toffee pudding cake are still on the menu...

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Cutting Carbs: 3 Alternatives To Chips

2 February 2016

Trying to eat fewer carbs but finding it hard to feel full? Our special diets blogger Victoria Young, who's been carb-free for 7 years, knows that feeling all too well. In her latest blog, she shares 3 easy cheats that have become her go-to alternative to chips.

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The Queen of Cakes... That Never Was

4 January 2016

After massively overhauling her diet, Victoria thought she might never again get to enjoy her biggest love: cake. After a lot of imagination, trying and testing, she developed a recipe that could potentially be big enough to sell...

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The Breakfast Problem

20 November 2015

What on earth do you have for breakfast when you can't have toast, cereal or croissants?! Victoria shares how she got round the breakfast problem (and it's a DIY breakfast that anyone can try at home!).

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3 Kitchen Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

26 October 2015

Victoria has to eat a very restrictive diet and for the last 7 years, has cut out sugar, all grains, milk, soft cheese, soya and more. Sound complicated? It is, but these 3 bits of kitchen equipment have made all the difference. Find out which kitchen gadgets she just couldn't do without.

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How To Eat Out (When You Are Surrounded by Things You Can't Eat)

26 September

When you have special dietary requirements, eating out can be a bit less fun. The reality is that when you ask a restaurant to remove the cream, milk, sugar, flour, or soy sauce, fish sauce, Worcestershire sauce, noodles - and of course, the bun and chips - from a dish, what you are left with isn't very appetising. But Victoria loves to eat out - and she's worked out how to make it as easy as possible.

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DIY Almond Milk

26 August 2015

Learn how to make your own almond milk with Victoria's easy almond milk recipe - it's cheaper than buying it and you know exactly what's in it, plus it's so easy when you know how. The result is milk, but way more creamy.

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How To Make A ‘Ta-Da' Meal (That Is Undercover Special Diets)

26 July 2015

When Victoria first started her unfeasibly restrictive diet, she assumed that it was curtains for her days as a hostess. Or were they? Here, she shares a quick and simple menu for a special meal that no one will even know is allergy-friendly.

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The Perils Of Being A High-Maintenance Visitor - And Tips To Make It Easier

26 June 2015

When it comes to other people cooking for me, I've tried various tacks ranging from saying nothing and hoping I can eat around whatever has been made (bad idea if it's lasagne) to offering to bring my own food (which makes some hosts feel uncomfortable.). So what's the best way? Victoria shares what works for her so that everyone can relax.

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Meet Victoria Young, w&h's Special Diets Blogger

26 May 2015

Victoria is a writer who lives in London with her husband and son. She was diagnosed with colitis 10 years ago and for the last 7 years, has been happily medication-free after radicaly changing her diet. Find out more about the condition, what Victoria can and can't eat and more in her first blog post.

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