Chocolate Truffle Recipes

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  • Make your own chocolate truffles to give as gifts or share at the end of a smart dinner party - mix and match the toppings for a real treat

    Chocolate truffles make an excellent gift for friends and family on a special occasion as they really show you care, but they also make a great after-dinner dessert for when you’re expecting people over. They couldn’t be simpler to make, so give these little treats a go and make someone’s day by giving them as a gift.

    The key to making great truffles is using high-quality chocolate, as this will give them a lot more depth of flavour and will always compliment whichever topping you choose to give them a lot better than a lower-quality version. It’s the double cream in them that keeps them from solidifying back into hard chocolate, and while they’re warm and soft you can roll them in whichever flavour coating you choose.

    We’ve got plenty ideas for what to top your truffles with, for example you might want to keep things simple and just go for cocoa powder on top, or something more exciting like freeze-dried raspberries or chocolate nibs. Crushed hazelnuts make a great topping, as do pistachios for that nice green colour, which livens things up a little.

    This delicious, rich and simple dark chocolate truffle recipe (pictured) is a properly grown-up dessert as it’s made of really great dark chocolate and has a good glug of rum in it. Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday or you’ve simply been invited over for dinner, this truffle recipe makes for a great gift that adults will love.

    If you’re giving your truffles as a gift, don’t forget to wrap them beautifully in either clear cellophane with a nice ribbon, or in a gift box. Friends will open them with delight and will be super impressed that you’ve made them yourself – little will they know how little time it’s taken you and how easy they are! So whatever you fancy, we’ve got a recipe to suit, from sweet and fruity to dark and coffee-rich.

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