5 beauty products formulated with CBD recommended by our Beauty Editor – including a super serum that boosts complexions

Cannabidoil, otherwise known as CBD, is a natural chemical found in the cannabis plant.

Inviting plenty of raised eyebrows due to its origins, this controversial ingredient has been creating a beauty buzz for a while now.

But what is it good for? W&H investigates…

Best CBD products

Best for creating a relaxation ritual

best cbd products

Don’t shy away from taking CBD orally – it doesn’t contain the cannabinoid compound THC, meaning there’s no risk of psychoactive effects.

Brilliant for warding off low-level anxiety, pop half of the dropper under your tongue, hold it there for 30 seconds, and swallow.

The earthy, seed-like flavour is an acquired taste, but as CBD remains stable up to high temperatures, it could be added to a warm drink instead.

Dosage varies from person to person, so start with a couple of drops once a day and work up.

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Best for boosting your complexion

best cbd products

Most commonly touted as a night time only product thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, you’re missing a trick by limiting CBD to your evening routine.

A powerful antioxidant, it works well during the day to shield skin from pollution - as well as regulating sebum production to gently treat acne and breakouts.

This serum is lovely and lightweight, perfect for layering under your moisturiser any time of day.

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Best for toning down redness

best cbd products

Created as a ‘recovery treatment for fragile reactive skin’, this is the ultimate night worker for stressed-out complexions.

Harnessing the power of 2% pure CBD to tackle inflammation, skin is naturally nourished and soothed - with redness and sensitivity reduced.

Apply directly to skin for an intense treatment or mix with your normal night cream for on-going maintenance.

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Best for helping you to unwind

best cbd products

Unlike your average bath melt, these not only contain a potent 50mg dose of CBD, but are designed to be smoothed directly onto wet skin to maximise absorption.

Blended with cocoa butter to moisturise and fragranced with an uplifting aroma of ylang-ylang and bergamot, lie back and soak up the feeling of calm after a long day.

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Best for soothing sore muscles

best cbd products

Not just for your skin, CBD targets specific receptors in the body.

CB1 is found in the brain and deals with things like coordination and mood, while CB2 is related to aches and pains.

This balm taps into your CB2 receptors, working as a targeted treatment for weary muscles.

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Might be time to give the ingredient a try!

Jess Beech

Jess Beech is an experienced fashion and beauty editor, with more than eight years experience in the publishing industry. She has written for woman&home, GoodtoKnow, Now, Woman, Woman’s Weekly, Woman’s Own and Chat, and is a former Deputy Fashion & Beauty Editor at Future PLC. A beauty obsessive, Jess has tried everything from cryotherapy to chemical peels (minus the Samantha in Sex and The City-worthy redness) and interviewed experts including Jo Malone and Trinny Woodall.