Your 2013 horoscopes: Capricorn

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The times they are a-changing. And thank goodness! These last couple of years have been tough for the celestial Goat, but with Saturn and Jupiter in new positions, you can take two steps forward without going back again. As always, the changes in your life are due to shifts deep within you. You may have reached the conclusion that personal happiness is more important than money and position, and to this end, 2013 could find you devoting more time to activities that are pleasurable and heart-warming. Many of the more important configurations of the year focus on creative ventures and collaborations, which will translate as new members of the family for some and mergers of the romantic or business kind for others. Uranus continues to inspire sudden and unexpected developments, especially on the home front - watch late March, early July and early October - yet it is also the reason you are no longer so tied to the past and prepared to embrace new structures whether in home deco or your personal relationships.  

Fab Dates:  1 March, 1 May, 23 June, 20 July, 31 August

Drab Dates:
30 March, 20 May, 22 July, 1 November, 31 December


The challenge for you is to believe the impossible. Let me put this another way. Capricorns are realists but that realism easily slips into negativity - the destroyer of opportunity. Give a situation a chance to prove itself; don't be the lone voice of disapproval, or worse, doom! Loosen up a little. There is plenty to learn from being a member of a team, and maybe it will be a struggle getting new projects and associations off the ground, but faith moves mountains. Another challenge for you lies in accepting that old strategies will not work in today's world: you're going to have to make a big break with the past. It's about time you found happiness in love and a sense of true partnership, and this reward can be yours in 2013. Don't go where you have been before: blessings are to be found outside your comfort zone and possibly on foreign soil.

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