Your 2013 horoscopes: Libra

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After two-years of Saturnian frustrations, life is freeing up. It is time to re-paint the canvas of your life in big bold colours. While some Librans will travel great distances in terms of miles others will acquire knowledge and skills that open up new professional and personal territory. Uranus and Pluto are now in their second phase of activity, which means you are either receiving the pay-off for any earlier inconveniences or you are no longer putting off making changes but actively getting behind them. And we're talking Big changes. Three of the year's eclipses focus on your money zones, so there could be some unexpected gains - the unexpected, period. You are far more your own person in 2013, which means you can and should trust your instincts and your judgement: some people cannot be relied upon to keep their promises or support you. This having been said, if you don't end 2013 in a better position all round, it won't be the fault of your stars.

Fab Dates:
  7 February, 28 May, 16 August, 5 & 16 October,

Drab Dates: 27 March, 18 April, 1 July, 1 October, 30 December


You are one of the great negotiators, but charm and persuasion, optimism and enthusiasm will not be enough in 2013. It's a hard world out there, and you're going to have to get tough to get where you're going. This is your biggest challenge. The first half of the year is the more demanding, with late March proving the most testing period. You'll need to conserve your strength and your emotional and financial resources so that you can ride out any storm. Come July, the rewards kick in, and the second half of 2013 should be easier and more pleasurable. Some Librans may even receive an award of some description or an event will make you feel ‘on top of the world'. You may have to be tough in negotiation and in handling the material world, but relationships require a lot of give: the rewards for a constant heart are priceless.

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