Your 2013 horoscopes: Leo

by Penny Thornton on Thursday, 20 December 2012


2013 can be summed up in one word: preparation. With Saturn stationed at the base of your horoscope, you are putting in the foundations of your future, which will take time if your endeavours are going to prove real and lasting. While optimism should remain high, there can be no short cuts and quick fixes. In 2014 Jupiter will enter Leo signalling one of the best years of the decade: hence the need for all that preparation now. Late April and early May is a key period, whether great things happen all by themselves or you set in motion endeavours that will add to the stability and overall success of your life. Creative projects and collaborations are in the spotlight, with some Leos staring new business projects and others getting involved in an ambitious personal venture. The theme of travel and new horizons is also strong - make sure your passport is up to date, and keep in touch with friends and colleagues in distant places. Some of the happiest events of the year take place far from home.

Fab Dates:  7 February, 8 July, 6 August, 10 November, 12 December

Drab Dates: 27 January, 25 April, 27 July, 21 August, 29 October


Leos tend to set the bar very high for themselves, which is good provided that you don't press the self-destruct button when you are faced with a disappointment. One of 2013's challenges is to know when there is no point throwing good money after bad, so to speak, and when to rework a project. Other people may not fulfil their promise but playing the blame game is a waste of time. While you should have confidence in yourself, expectations have to be realistic. Rewards are people-shaped: colleagues and friends should be a source of inspiration and support, and although you are an excellent leader and well-suited to running the whole show, team-work is where it's at in 2013: the launch of a major production could be one of the year's highlights. Children too bring happiness, whether an offspring experiences a great success or after some difficult years, a breakthrough occurs.

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