Your 2013 horoscopes: Gemini

by Penny Thornton on Thursday, 20 December 2012


You are starting out the year on the right foot, and with a beautiful tail wind to speed your course, courtesy of Jupiter. This planet will be with you until the end of June, and even then it will move on, helping increase your assets - this is one of the most money-making years of the decade. Neptune is now established at the pinnacle of your solar chart, which is the reason you may occasionally feel a little world-weary and dissatisfied with aspects of your life: when you stop searching for where and with whom you should be and questioning what you should be doing, suddenly the solution will be there. While not every Gemini will experience a betrayal of trust during the coming year, there is a persistent trend for misunderstandings: get statements and offers in writing, and keep making notes. With Saturn in the zone of health, it is never too soon for a comprehensive physical, and if you tire more easily or sustain a minor injury, attend to the problem immediately.

Fab Dates:  25 January, 12 February, 25 May, 19 June, 5 October

Drab Dates: 22 February, 6 June, 25 August, 19 October, 17 December


Scattering your energies is a perennial challenge for the Gemini Twin, and now that Neptune is in the frame your focus is even more compromised: the possibilities in front of you seem ever greater; your choices ever more manifold. What will help is refusing to allow your mind to constantly churn over the various issues: the more you think, the more there is to think about. Following your gut is the way forward.  2013 invites you to change the habit of a lifetime; there could be mistakes and losses, but these are lessons and they can be absorbed. Remember that cliché - no pain, no gain. Enrichment, whether in the sense of money and material assets or emotions, knowledge and experience, is the reward. Indeed, 2013 is one of the most fertile years of the decade. Enjoy. 

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