Your 2012 horoscopes: Aries

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Life across the board
You've probably noticed something of a pattern going on: you have a plan or an opportunity arises, which has a great start then something weird happens, or, rather, doesn't happen, and you're back to square one. This trend is a reflection of Uranus in your sign, Pluto in the zone of ambitions and Saturn influencing other people's role in your life. You will have more lucky breaks in 2012, and one of them could come in mid-March, but in many cases it's having the persistence to keep knocking at that door and not expecting favours from those who are in a position to help. You will get there by your winning personality and talent. You could also do a lot more travelling in 2012, especially in the second half of the year. You may not see the progress you're making, but you'll be standing on the top of the pile when others are falling off their plinths.

Challenges and rewards
Not getting what you want is frustrating for anyone, but particularly the Aries warrior. Since 2009, people have appeared to stand between you and the achievement of one or more of your goals, and although this is true to a certain extent, there is a lesson going on, one intent on teaching you that your plans are not necessarily God's! There is another lesson to learn too: other people don't make or break you; that you do all by yourself! Your challenge is to maintain your enthusiasm and ambition regardless of indifference, and instead of pressing the detonator when you receive a rejection, rework a failed project. The rewards are to be found in knowledge and experience - some Arians could receive an award or an important qualification - and your voice voice will carry further. There is also much to gain from working with older people and acknowledging the value of tradition.

Fab dates 16 February, 22 March, 28 July, 2 August, 8 November 

Drab dates 15 April, 28 June, 15 August, 30 September, 24 November

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