Attract success: step four

Reach your full potential

The ways that we restrict and limit ourselves are not always easy to detect because they are locked into our belief systems. Look at the following checklist to discover any of the ways that you might be restricting your own potential.

Checklist - Ways in which you might be limiting yourself

Low expectations: You get what you expect. What do you expect for yourself? What do you think you deserve? Circumstances and people walk through the doors of your expectations so watch what you expect.

Glass ceilings: Why do you believe that you can only go so far; be that good; achieve only this much? You are the only person standing in your way. What exactly would you need to believe about yourself to achieve your goals? Believe it now!

Reluctance to change: Whenever we feel threatened we naturally try to protect ourselves and so often we resist any change that exposes us to something new. But don’t take this too far. Check: Is this change good for me? Why am I fearful? Are my fears realistic or unrealistic?

Allow yourself to be your best.

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