Attract success: step five

Be persistent

This is the quality of winners. Successful people never ever give up. There may be obstacles; disappointments and challenges along the way, (especially if you are going for some really big changes) and you must be ready to face them.

Persistence is not a matter of keeping on doing the same thing even if it doesn’t work. No, persistence is hitting a brick wall and realizing that you must find a way over it, around it, through it, under it (or even maybe blow it up!). Winners look for creative solutions to their setbacks and they keep on trying alternatives until they find one that works.

When the going gets rough the tough just increase their self-belief and their determination to win through.

- Cultivate an image of yourself as a person who is a survivor who will always bounce back from any circumstance.
- Overcome the first hurdle and know that you are determined to succeed, and then go on to overcome the next hurdle.

Whenever you strive to reach your potential you are acting like a winner, you cannot fail, whatever happens!

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