Ten ways to make happy decisions

Change your attitude from negative to positive with ten simple tips from expert life coach Lynda Field

1 Stop trying to be perfect, just be happy to be a human.
2 Don’t take everything so seriously. Smile and take a lighter approach.
3 Decide on your preferred outcome and act in your best interests.
4 Accept that you will not always be able to reach a specific goal.
5 Learn from your mistakes and make sure you don’t make them again.
6 Relax and remember that you don’t always have to be right!
7 Everyone makes mistakes, so let other people off the hook. You will find that life gets so much more forgiving when you do this.
8 What is your gut reaction to the choice that you are making? Take a moment to notice and follow your instincts.
9 That piece of work will never be perfect. Just give it your best shot and that will be enough.
10 Be happy to learn from the process of life; our mistakes help us to grow.

Let yourself off the hook
Life is a risky business and even if we try to stay in our comfort zones we cannot feel entirely safe. Mistakes are inevitable and as soon as we can accept this our days take on a more confident aspect. Once we can let ourselves off the hook of perfectionism we can really stride out there and take our slice of life.

Follow Lynda's simple ideas to make a positive from a wrong decision.

Lynda Field is Director of Weekend Life Coaching. For details, call 01245-392295 or visit weekendlifecoach.com

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