Botox eye lift

Botox is definitely the celebrity line eraser of choice, but if you’re fretting about its safety credentials, then we can fill you in – if you pardon the pun! 

The facts: While it feels as if Botox is a new kid on the beauty block, it has been approved for the medical treatment of facial spasms, uncontrollable blinking and neck disorders since the early 90s. Most dermatologists or doctors don’t have a problem with it at all.

The feel: It's arguably the easiest treatment of all and experts can work wonders, without leaving you looking frozen. “Botox not only erases wrinkles, it can restore a youthful shape to eyes,” insists Dr Thierry Vidal, clinical director at Skin Health Spa and creator of the new Doe Eye Treatment, which gives a lifted and open look. “The lines themselves are the last thing I consider – they are from smiling and can be expressive and appealing,” he says.

Dr Vidal injects into the upper eyelid then just above and along the cheekbone, stopping level with the iris. He aims to create a wide-eyed look – think Sophia Loren and Angelina Jolie.

“It’s almost pain free,” says admin assistant Deborah Platon, 52, from Reigate. “It felt like just a few pin pricks and, although a couple made me wince, it's over amazingly quickly. Even the injection into the eyelid muscle is nowhere as bad as you think.”

The finish: “My eyes definitely look improved – they’re fresher and lines have almost disappeared. The bonus is that my forehead isn't frozen and I don't look fake. What a change – I have the eyes I had about ten years ago!”

The cost: The Doe Eye Treatment with Dr Vidal costs around £300 at Skin Health Spas nationwide.

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