The very best Easter eggs 2022 has to offer

Our selection of the best Easter eggs 2022 has to offer has everything from affordable to luxury options, with some unique picks in between...

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Our edit of the best Easter eggs 2022 has to offer is filled with delicious options for the whole family and includes a range of different price points.

We have a mixture of milk, dark and white chocolate favourites below, but if you prefer a certain type of chocolate, then our guide to the best dark chocolate Easter eggs and best white chocolate Easter eggs could be helpful too.

But for our favourite Easter eggs of 2022, keep scrolling for affordable indulgences, luxury showstoppers and the best picks for kids too.

Best Easter eggs 2022

These eggs are among the very best Easter candy 2022 has to offer. We've included some elegant picks for the grown-ups and fun options for the littluns. But there's also a selection of both luxury and affordable picks, depending on your budget.

Best Easter eggs for adults

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Ferrero Rocher Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut Egg

RRP: £10

Whether you're looking for birthday gifts, thank you tokens (opens in new tab) or just a special little treat to mark an occasion, Ferrero Rocher is always a reliable pick. So their Easter egg is of course up there with the best.

Not only do you get a packet of the delicious chocolates with this egg, but the hollow milk egg is made with chunks of hazelnut to replicate the outer shell of the iconic chocolate. Add a small treat to your Easter table decor (opens in new tab) by placing one of the little gold truffles on each person's placemat. 

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Hotel Chocolat Ginger Dark Easter egg

RRP: £15

Hotel Chocolat do some great Easter hamper ideas (opens in new tab) for adults, so it's not surprising they have some stellar eggs on offer too. A properly grown-up egg, this dark chocolate vegan treat boasts 70% cocoa and is blended by the Hotel Chocolat experts for a smooth and silky feel.

Infused with Indian ginger oil that gives it a lingering spicy feel without burning your tastebuds off, this is perfect for fans of ginger nut biscuits or those who like an Easter carrot cake (opens in new tab) that's on the spicier side.

If this vegan choice doesn't take your fancy, check out our best vegan Easter eggs (opens in new tab) guide which is packed with a variety of delicious free-from picks.  

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Thorntons Continental Statement Easter Egg

RRP: £12

This classic egg is a favourite every year thanks to its creamy texture, which is a marker of the iconic Thorntons flavour, and the marbled design that gives it an extra special look.

But what makes it one of the best is the chocolate truffles that come with it. From one of the most popular Thorntons boxes—the Continental—the selection includes favourites like the Alpini Praline, Sicilian Mousse and the utterly addictive Viennese Deluxe.

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Lindt Lindor Gold Assorted Easter Egg

RRP: £10

This egg would make a perfect gift for anyone who loves the little melting Lindor truffles. The hollow milk egg is made from the same luxuriously smooth chocolate as the truffles so it melts in your mouth.

 It also comes with a selection of Lindor truffles, including the milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate flavours for you to pick at over the days after Easter. A gift that keeps on giving (opens in new tab)!

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After Eight Dark Chocolate Mint Egg

RRP: £8

A delicious grown-up treat, this Easter egg is all about strong flavours with its rich dark chocolate and punchy peppermint flavours.

The hollow dark chocolate egg is infused with 100% natural peppermint oil so is ideal for mint chocolate fans—and you get a box of the fondant-filled mint thins on the side too.

Best Easter eggs for kids

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Thorntons White Chocolate Bunny Easter Egg

RRP: £4

Forget the classic Milkybar chocolate that's always a go-to for little ones and upgrade their white chocolate egg with this adorable Thorntons offering.

It's big enough for very young ones to share and kids will love the cute bunny design on the outside. One that would be great to pop into a personalised Easter basket for a fun gift.

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M&S Extremely Crunchy Cereal Milk Easter Egg

RRP: £8

If your loved one's idea of a treat is Rice Krispie cakes or a special cereal on the weekend, they'll love this unique Easter egg that is designed to taste like a sugary bowl of cereal.

Made with white chocolate for the "milk" part of the cereal-based treat, it features crispy Cornflakes, crunchy cereal pieces, sugar confetti and gooey marshmallows in the shell.

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Waitrose Orange Squiggle Easter Egg

RRP: £7

This one is for anyone who loves a Terry's Chocolate Orange in their Christmas stocking as this egg brings the same chocolatey orange flavour in time for Easter.

This hollow dark chocolate shell is flavoured with orange oil for a delicious taste and then decorated with orange-coloured white chocolate for a fun design that any chocolate orange fan will love.

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Galaxy Enchanted Eggs Easter Egg

RRP: £3

One for the older kids, this fun but chic egg features a hollow milk chocolate shell made from the iconic Galaxy blend for a smooth and tasty finish.

But the fun comes in with the addition of the Galaxy Enchanted Eggs, which are made from the same silky chocolate but are packed full of delicious crunchy caramel pieces and sprayed with rose gold decoration. A great gift for older kids or younger teenagers who love everything pink and rose gold.

Best affordable Easter eggs

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Cadbury Twirl Orange Easter egg

RRP: £4

No-one does affordable Easter eggs better than Cadbury, so while we would like to include all their delicious offerings, we went for a newcomer that has caused a frenzy among chocolate orange fans.

The chocolate Twirl bar was an instant hit when it came to stores a couple of years ago so we expect this creamy, zesty Easter egg to go the same way as the entire milk chocolate shell boasts the same citrus flavour.

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Green & Blacks 70% Dark Chocolate Egg

RRP: £6

This special egg brings all the high-quality ingredients and flavour of Green & Black's chocolate without a super high price tag.

It's made from 70% chocolate for an intense hit of cocoa—a great addition to Easter baskets for adults if you're planning on making up a hamper for your host.

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Moo Free 'Bunnycomb' Easter Egg

RRP: £3.50

To ensure that everyone can enjoy a special and indulgent treat on Easter Sunday, Moo Free have created their very own, completely vegan honeycomb Easter egg.

With a distinctive imprint on the outside of the shell and a flavour that they create with the use of actual honeycomb, this dairy-, gluten-, soya- and palm oil-free vegan egg still manages to be a taste sensation.

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Divine Smooth Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with Raspberries

RRP: £5

This fancy but affordable dark chocolate egg boasts a rich flavour thanks to its 70% chocolate that uses Fairtrade cocoa and sugar.

But for an extra hit of indulgence, it's blended with dried raspberries that take the edge of the intense creamy cocoa goodness. Better still, it's suitable for vegans!

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Aero Peppermint Mint Chocolate Giant Easter Egg

RRP: £6

A must-have for mint chocolate fans, the giant hollow milk chocolate Aero egg is infused with mint flavouring for a sweet but refreshing taste.

It also comes with Aero Bubbles inside, little half mint-half milk chocolate balls that have a deliciously light aerated centre.

Best luxury Easter eggs

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Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Champagne Easter Egg

RRP: £30

The Hotel Chocolat Easter egg range truly has something for every type of chocolate fan—but this showstopper has to be our favourite. With a super thick hollow egg that is made of half milk chocolate and half strawberry-white chocolate, it's both special and addictive.

But it's the addition of the Champagne truffles that make this an extra indulgent egg. It also comes in a reusable tin, which is perfect for storing any extra Easter biscuits (opens in new tab) or Hot Cross Buns (opens in new tab) left over after the holiday.

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Charbonnel Et Walker Milk Chocolate Egg With Truffles

RRP: £35

Charbonnel Et Walker is known for its assortment of luxury truffles—so when they come in an Easter egg, it makes the perfect Easter gift for adults (opens in new tab) who want something more refined than your average supermarket chocolate egg. 

The hollow milk chocolate egg is handcrafted by the British chocolatiers and the chic presentation box features a tray above the egg that is filled with their signature truffles. Delicious!

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Waitrose No.1 Dark Chocolate with Dark Chocolate Truffles Easter Egg

RRP: £10

A luxury Easter egg for less, this elegant Waitrose offering features a hollow dark chocolate egg made from rich, dark single origin Dominican Republic 65% cocoa chocolate.

The most exciting part about this treat is that you will find a box of dark chocolate truffles coated in cocoa powder hidden inside the egg.

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Fortnum & Mason Easter Praline Scotch Egg

RRP: £17.95

Luxury British department store Fortnum & Mason have a wide range of unique and indulgent eggs to choose from, but this has to the most one-of-a-kind.

Far from hollow, this egg is made from simnel-flavoured milk chocolate praline and has a orange ganache centre for a hit of zest. Its coat of roasted hazelnuts and cocoa nibs make for a crunchy finish. This might be one for sharing!

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Venchi Gourmet Caramel White Chocolate And Salted Almond Egg

RRP: £65

Italian chocolatiers Venchi go for the ultimate luxury and this masterpiece is proof. The best part of this egg has to be the pleasingly thin shiny white chocolate shell that is infused for caramel for a dreamy flavour.

But for a unique touch of texture and crunch, the inside of the shell is coated in salted almonds for a cleverly nuanced salted caramel taste. It might be on the expensive side, but it's an unmissable experience.

Best mini Easter eggs

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Selfridges Selection Easter Chocolate Brownie Egglets

RRP: £8.99

These delicious little morsels would make the perfect Easter egg gift for anyone who prefers their chocolate in cake form.

With a crisp chocolate shell, these mini eggs are filled with a gooey brownie-like centre and are finished off with a dusting of rich cocoa powder.

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Charbonnel Et Walker Pink Marc de Champagne Truffle Eggs

RRP: £25

Charbonnel Et Walker's Pink Marc de Champagne chocolate truffles are arguably the best and most popular truffles year round.

So gift your Champagne truffle-loving friend this adorable egg-shaped box that is filled with the iconic truffles in egg form. The perfect Easter gift.

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Fortnum & Mason Six Eau de Nil Dark Chocolate Praline Eggs

RRP: £27.95

A real treat for praline lovers, this half dozen box is made up of real hen's eggs that have been carefully filled with rich praline dark chocolate.

Each egg has also been carefully painted in the iconic Fortnum & Mason Eau de Nil hue, making for a chic gift this Easter. If dark chocolate is on the strong side for your giftee, this is also available in milk chocolate with a striking gold colour on the outside.

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Montezuma’s Milk Chocolate Mini Peanut Butter Eggs

RRP: £4.50

One for the peanut butter fans! Montezuma’s are known for their high-quality and ultra delicious chocolate, but when it's combined with one of our favourite spreads, things get really special.

These mini Montezuma’s eggs are packed with a creamy and decadently salty peanut butter filling—it's a match made in heaven.

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Tony's Chocolonely Egg-stra Special Chocolate Eggs

RRP: £4.49

We all love a bit of Tony's Chocolonely—if not for the perfect chocolate, then for the brand's fun and iconic designs.

This even dozen is made up of 12 different flavoured chocolates, including classics like milk, dark, white and caramel sea salt alongside some more fun additions like honey nougat, milk pretzel toffee and white raspberry popping candy.

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