Why Tobago is the perfect family holiday destination for all generations

Stunning Tobago is more than just beautiful beaches, with activities to keep the whole family entertained

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Tobago has long been a bucket list destination for travelers, attracting visitors from all over the world thanks to its warm hospitality, an abundance of paradise beaches, and lush tropical land waiting to be explored. Less crowded than its sister island Trinidad, Tobago offers a truly relaxing Caribbean holiday with a more affordable price tag. The perfect destination for family members of all ages to enjoy. 

For midlife women - dubbed the ‘Sandwich generation’ with many supporting both elderly parents and children who haven’t flown the nest just yet - it can be important to find a destination that can cater to all generations. Vibrant Tobago, with its thriving local culture and thrilling outdoor pursuits, provides enough to keep restless children and teens entertained, yet also offers a relaxed pace typical of the Caribbean islands for those who want to take things more slowly. 

Family holidays are more popular than ever, with last year seeing Brits spending £83.6bn on family holidays, according to research from Hospitality Net (opens in new tab). Family holidays offer us a chance to relax and unwind and more women are opting to take along the whole brood. Tobago, with its paradise landscape, offers the perfect backdrop for memories that will last a lifetime. These are the reasons why Tobago is the perfect choice if you’re planning a family holiday in 2023 and beyond. 

5 reasons to plan a family holiday to Tobago 

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1. It offers activities for all ages

The activities available in Tobago are vast and diverse, from thrill-seeking pursuits such as kayaking along the island’s coast, exploring hidden coves and enchanting mangroves along the way, to discovering the island’s beautiful underwater world via snorkeling and diving excursions. There are also a number of scenic treks, such as the Gilpin Trail, in the UNESCO-listed Main Ridge Forest Reserve, the oldest protected rainforest reserve in the western hemisphere. For those seeking something more relaxed, there are a number of classes to try in Tobago, like art classes where visitors can learn how to draw some of the island's famous attractions, like the iconic sugar mill in Buccoo. Travelers can also take advantage of cooking demos carried out by local chefs, with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. 

2. There’s plenty of local history to be discovered

Tobago’s colorful history makes it one of the most vibrant places in the Caribbean. Culturally, Tobago is a fascinating place, with proud local inhabitants who are always ready to share their local knowledge - and a story or two, as well. Visitors can take a tour of the Tobago Cocoa Estate to learn about the history of cocoa and how it contributes to the local community. There’s also the chance to take part in a chocolate-tasting session after the tour. There are also a number of historical forts across Tobago, so you and your family can embark on a fort-finding tour while soaking up some of the island’s most impressive views. 

3. The relaxed beach life

Tobago offers some of the most unspoiled beaches in the Caribbean, away from some of the most crowded spots on the most densely populated islands. The people of Tobago are known to be protective of their natural landscapes, taking action to avoid mass over-development and keeping beaches quiet and relaxed. This means that they’re the perfect place for families to spread out for a relaxing afternoon by the sea, without crowds to contend with.

4. Wellness pursuits offer the chance to unwind

Family holidays can create some joyful memories, but we can all use a bit of time to relax and recharge while we’re away. Tobago’s thriving wellness scene offers up the chance for all generations to enjoy some downtime, whether that’s trying out yoga in a stunning beachside setting, Forest Bathing in the UNESCO-listed Main Ridge Forest Reserve, or wild swimming at Argyle Falls. Reconnecting with nature has benefits for both body and mind, so you'll return feeling energized and refreshed from your family holiday.

5. A relaxed and exciting dining scene

Eating together, particularly when there’s the chance to try exciting new dishes is a brilliant way for families to connect. Communal eating is a big part of Caribbean culture, and visitors will find that restaurant staff and chefs are happy to talk through the cooking traditions on the island. Signature dishes, such as curried crab and dumplings are a must-try! Families can also try out new experiences together, where delicious bread and pastries are cooked in a handcrafted dirt oven.

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