Pigs In Blankets Recipe

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5 min


25 min

Nutrition per portion

Calories 200 kCal 10%
Fat 16g 23%
  -  Saturates 6g 30%


  • You can't have Christmas dinner without pigs in blankets! This recipe is so simple, you could make them with your eyes closed! Pigs in blankets are the perfect accompaniment to your roast turkey and all the trimmings and they even make fab party food bites. If you serve them up with little skewers or toothpicks, then you can let guests at your drinks party help themselves without getting their fingers sticky!
  • Pigs in blankets are really festive and you only ever really end up having them during the Christmas period, so they're really a bit of a treat. We find that you should make more than what you think you'll need because they really are the star of the show and whether you're making them to go with your Christmas lunch or as a snack, people will go back to them time and time again. They're so moreish, it's impossible to stop after you've had one (or even two!).
  • If you want to get a bit cheffy, you can drizzle them with some honey or maple syrup right before they're done for an added sticky glaze, but make sure you don't add it too early or it will start to burn and smoke, and you'll end up ruining them.
  • How to make Pigs In Blankets:
  • 18 chipolatas
  • 9 rashers maple-cured streaky bacon


  • Heat the oven to 190C, gas 5. Cut the nine rashers of bacon in half, so you have 18 mini rashers around 6.5cm long.

  • Lay on a chopping board, place a cocktail sausage at the base of each, and roll up. Place fold-side down on a lined baking tray.

  • Cook for 15 minutes, then turn over and cook for a further 10 minutes, until the bacon is crisp.

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