Oat-Free Paleo Porridge Recipe

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Oat Free Paleo Porridge
  • Healthy
Total Time10 mins
Nutrition Per PortionRDA
Calories454 Kcal23%
Sugar32 g36%
Fat31.5 g45%
Saturated Fat11.5 g58%
SaltTrace gRow 4 - Cell 2
SaltTrace gRow 5 - Cell 2

Taken from The Paleo Diet by Daniel Green (Kyle Books; £14.99). Photography Clare Winfield.


2 tbsp shredded coconut

1 tbsp almond flour

1 tsp pumpkin seeds

1 tsp ground cinnamon

15g walnuts, plus extra to serve

240ml boiling water

1 tbsp raw honey, melted

1/2 banana, sliced


  1. Place all the ingredients except the water, honey and banana in a food processor and blend together to a fine powder.

  2. Pour the boiling water over the mix and stir to combine.

  3. Serve in a bowl with honey drizzled on top, a scattering of crushed nuts and freshly sliced banana.

Top Tip for making Oat-Free Paleo Porridge

Oats are excluded on the paleo plan and for good reason - they're often contaminated with other gluten grains during processing, plus they result in a huge spike in blood sugar levels