Low Calorie Nutribullet Smoothie Recipe

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  • Healthy
Total Time5 mins

This low calorie smoothie is perfect for keeping in shape. Packed with pure, natural ingredients, this is an easy way to make greens taste delicious and cleanse the body. Pears are packed with soluble fibre to aid bowel health and cleanse the body. Melon is hydrating, while leafy greens are packed with energising magnesium and B vitamins. Perfect for keeping your body clean from toxins.

If you're after more Nutribullet smoothie recipes, we've got plenty that will help you get your five-a-day, as well as keep slim if you're drinking them as part of a weight-loss plan. Make sure you add liquid to the line - if you don't add enough, the Nutribullet won't be able to blitz your ingredients properly. In order for it to work properly, there needs to be enough liquid, so it's essential that you add either nut milks, coconut milk or even a little water or juice to your smoothie.

This smoothie will work just as nicely with some fresh apple juice, if you wanted to make it a little more fruity and don't fancy using coconut milk. Make sure you use a kind that's not from concentrate though, as it will be packed full of sugar. This is something you want to avoid if you're trying to stay healthy and want to stay on track.

Make this low calorie Nutribullet smoothie as a healthy breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack - it comes together in just minutes and will help you stay full for longer and get some much needed vitamins and nutrients into your system.

How to make a Low Calorie Nutribullet Smoothie:


  • 80g cantaloupe melon
  • ½ ripe pear, chopped
  • handful kale, or spinach


  • cucumber, roughly chopped
  • water or coconut water, to the line


  1. Put all the ingredients in the Nutribullet, including the water or coconut water to the line.

  2. Blitz all the ingredients for around 1 minute until you reach smoothie consistency. Drink immediately.