The Toys That Every 70s Kid Had On Their Christmas List

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  • It’s 2016, and our children’s letters to Santa are chocka-block with video games, tablets, interactive toys and movie merchandising. Although mobile phones, toy robots and Frozen nintendo games are fun, we can’t help but yearn for simpler times, when marbles and tennis balls were our favourite stocking fillers.

    So join us as we look back on our Christmas lists, and remember the toys of yesteryear…

    Space hoppers

    It wasn’t really Christmas unless we were bouncing around the kitchen while our Mothers were trying to cook the turkey. We’d be endlessly knocking things over, but always so entertained.


    Bunty, Mandy, Jackie or Judy… these girly annuals were Christmas must-haves. We loved all the pictures of cute animals, the short stories, but most importantly the comics. Who wasn’t eager to find out how the Four Marys were getting on every Christmas?!

    Tiny Tears Dollies

    The Tiny Tears doll was first created in 1965, and she was the favourite toy for so many little girls. Although a little creepy looking, we thought she was simply adorable. When they introduced a doll that could cry and wet her nappy, we couldnt quite contain our excitement.

    Troll dolls

    So ugly and weird that it actually made them cute, these odd little dolls were our favourite stocking fillers. We would trade them with our siblings for different colour hair and we’d pop them on top of our pencils.

    Rubiks cubes

    Most of us couldn’t complete this mind-boggling puzzle, but those who knew how to do it would be the childhood celebrity equivalent. We’d all gather round and watch them do it in awe.

    Bionic Woman Dolls

    We were all obsessed with the Bionic Woman series and everyone wanted to own their very own Jaime Sommers!

    Cassette player/Walkman

    If you wanted to be the coolest kid in school, you needed to have a
    walkman. These portable music players were the predecessors to iPods,
    playing music through headphones via casettes (and later CDs – remember
    those?!) We’d also use them to record ourselves, but the saddest part was running out of tapes and having to record over the old ones *sigh*


    We all dreamed of being detectives in the 1970s, and one way to prove our intellectual prowess was the code-breaking game of Mastermind. The fun coloured pegs are definitely better than any iPad app.



    Of course, Barbie was the toy no little girl could be without. We loved brushing her hair and taking her everywhere (literally).

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