Why dry January might be off the cards in 2021

Going sober in January may not be the best idea in 2021, here’s why…

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Every year, we indulge a bit too much in the festive food and drink and resolve to change our habits and start the next year with a fresh outlook. Talks about doing ‘dry January’ begin and there seems to be a general consensus that going sober for January could be a good idea for our health and also our purses after all the numerous expenses of the festive season. 

However, 2021 is going to be a very unusual year for all of us and it is still unclear what next  year might look like for us. So should we commit to not drinking during January in 2021?

One argument against dry January is that we should be making an effort to support bars and restaurants following the pandemic.  If they’re allowed to open, we should support them with our patronage in order to help the businesses survive.

Similarly, by buying alcohol and visiting places where alcohol is served, we are continuing to boost the economy and help the financial status of the country as a whole. 

But, as the pandemic continues it doesn’t seem particularly safe to be going to restaurants or bars - particularly for those of us who are in high tier areas of the country or are at risk.

Similarly it isn’t particularly safe to meet up with large groups of people, and in most areas, government guidelines dictate that we should still maintain social distancing and meet up with a minimal number of households. 

Ultimately, we don’t know what is going to take place next year and for those of us who took part in Dry January in 2020, we learned to regret staying indoors and sober for the month of January as we were in lockdown within weeks of dry January ending. 

So if you want to go out (guidelines permitting) and support local businesses by getting sloshed- go for it! And if you want to take part- go for it! Protect your liver, save your pennies and give yourself a good period of recovery from your festive hangover. After the year we’ve had we deserve to do whatever makes us feel happy.  

Laura Harman

Laura is the Entertainment Editor for woman&home who primarily covers television, film, and celebrity news. Laura loves drinking and eating and can often be found trying to get reservations at London's trendiest restaurants. When she's not wining and dining, Laura can also be found travelling, baking, and hiking with her dog.