The Undoing’s Nicole Kidman reveals her tongue in cheek nickname for on-screen husband Hugh Grant

Did the couple get along while filming their latest show The Undoing?

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If you haven’t been watching HBO’s miniseries The Undoing, it’s time to get involved. The American psychological thriller based on Jean Hanff Korelitz’s novel You Should Have Known sees Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant starring as a successful Manhattan couple, before their lives catastrophically unravel due to the violent death of a young woman. 

With only a few episodes left, we’re already obsessed with finding out what’s going to happen to Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant’s characters as their marriage and seemingly perfect life slowly collapses, and just who is the killer?

Talking about the show and cast on a video posted to her Instagram account, Kidman says signing up to The Undoing was a no brainer after she read the script for the first episode and immediately wanted more. Similarly Grant revealed he falls asleep reading most scripts these days but for The Undoing, he wanted to “turn the pages the whole time.” 

The stars went on to reveal their first impressions of each other, “She’s a lovely woman, genius actress and hot but crazy, she talks in a secret language to her sister” Grant quips, referencing the first time he met Kidman met 20 years ago. 

While Kidman’s impressions of Grant revealed a slightly darker side to his personality, telling viewers “My first impression of Hugh Grant is that’s he’s crazy funny, but I would also call him Eeyore because like in the Christopher Robin, Pooh Bear series, I’d always be like ‘Hugh, you’ve always got a dark cloud over you’” before she realised “that underneath he’s actually an optimist.”

Well, now we know what the cast think of each other, it’s time to track down that epic green coat Kidman wears throughout the show, stay tuned! 

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