The Love Actually deleted storyline that got fans all saying the same thing

There's a Love Actually deleted storyline that writer Richard Curtis was 'really sorry' to see go and it's struck a chord with fans

Love Actually deleted storyline revealed. Seen here are William Wadham and Emma Thompson in Love Actually
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There’s a Love Actually deleted storyline that some fans might not know about but many have been left eager for an “uncut version” of the holiday classic.

Anyone who was quick to discover how to watch the Love Actually reunion and has already re-watched the film alongside the best Christmas movies on Amazon Prime might be intrigued to learn more about a certain Love Actually deleted storyline. That’s right - although the interwoven narrative of the festive flick might seem like plenty of stories, there were more that very sadly didn’t make it into the film. 

One of these in particular has struck a chord with fans and the movie’s writer and director Richard Curtis has previously spoken about this storyline and introduced the clips that were cut. 

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“I was also *really* sorry to lose this next bit,” Richard began before going on to explain that the plot thread in question had to be lost because they’d already decided to cut another storyline that would have linked this one in with all the others taking place in Love Actually.

The film’s writer and director disclosed, “The idea was meant to be that you just casually met this very, sort of, stern headmistress. Who you would just think - ‘there’s a stern headmistress’ - and the idea was meant to be that later on in the film 50 minutes later we suddenly fell in with the headmistress and you realize that no matter how unlikely it seems, any character that you come across in life has their own, complicated tale of love”. 

British acting legends Anne Reid and Frances De La Tour played the headmistress and her partner Geraldine. And what followed the explanation was a storyline that was just as heart-warming as it was devastating - just as we’ve come to expect from Love Actually. The headmistress arrives home carrying shopping bags as Frances’ character calls “welcome” and chides her for being late. 

The headmistress later heads into the bedroom carrying two glasses of red wine and asks Geraldine who's sitting on the bed how today was, to which she replied simply, “Oh, you know. Comes in waves”. 

The headmistress told her about Emma Thompson’s Karen being called in over her son’s “shocking” essay, only to leave with her son and it was 10 minutes before they realized she’d just gone home. Geraldine teasingly told her it would teach the headmistress not to be so “pompous” and that she was sure the essay was “excellent”. 

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As they laugh over his rather rude Christmas wish, it becomes clear that Geraldine is in pain, as the headmistress asks her, “Are you alright my love?”

Though they move on from the sad moment and the headmistress sets off to cook them dinner, the next few scenes show a heart-wrenching outcome for the couple as we see them in bed, Geraldine coughing. Intercut is Karen delivering a speech at the Christmas Assembly at the end of Love Actually thanking the headmistress. 

Whilst everyone else is looking flushed with excitement and Christmas joy, the school’s head is wearing sunglasses as Karen calls her “brave” for being there at all given “her recent loss”. It’s revealed that Geraldine has tragically passed away, as Karen says how “sorrow is particularly hard at Christmas”.

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This hugely emotional Love Actually deleted storyline might sadly have never made it into the final movie, but fans are all saying the same thing as they remarked upon what an impact it would’ve had to include a couple from the LGBTQIA+ community in the 2003-released film. 

“They should never have cut this! Fantastic lines, wonderful acting and really pulls at your heartstrings because it's so ordinary but at the same time extraordinary,” one person wrote.

Another revealed how much it would’ve meant to see this couple’s powerful story on-screen, writing, “Not sure if it’s because I am a lesbian but it would have meant the absolute world to me to see this in the movie. We don’t have enough representation as it is and this short clip on YouTube made me cry.”

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“How have I watched that movie for years and never knew about these two?? I need an uncut version of that movie so bad”, a third person commented. 

Whilst another fan affirmed, “They should have kept this in. It was sad yet important.”

Many more expressed appreciation for being able to see and know about the headmistress and Geraldine’s story, even though it didn’t make the final cut of Love Actually. Now many fans might well be thinking of the headmistress and Geraldine whenever they watch the final version of Love Actually. 

Love Actually is available to watch via an Amazon Prime Video subscription. 

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