This royal knew 'Meghan had short shelf-life' in the Firm from their first meeting

A royal insider has claimed that one senior royal foresaw Meghan’s early departure from the Royal Family

Meghan Markle's exit from royal life was reportedly predicted by this royal early on
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According to a royal insider, Princess Anne knew that Meghan Markle had a "short shelf-life" within the Royal Family after their very first meeting. Quoting an unnamed insider who was reportedly well aware of the first meeting between the Princess Royal and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan left "dumbfounded".

A Royal expert has shared that Princess Anne reportedly suspected Meghan Markle’s time as a working royal was always going to be short-term.

The expert, Neil Sean, claims that an insider informed him that Meghan left her first meeting with Prince Harry’s aunt “dumbfounded.”

Speaking on his YouTube channel, he said, "According to a very good source Meghan Markle failed to warm to Princess Anne, and Princess Anne always knew that Meghan would have a very short shelf-life in the world of the British monarchy."

Princess Anne felt Meghan Markle didn't get too involved with her royal patronages, claims one source

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"[Anne] takes no nonsense, much like her father the late Duke of Edinburgh. Apparently, when Meghan Markle joined the Royal Family, she sought out Princess Anne. According to a very good source, Princess Anne gave very sage advice to the new royal."

"Princess Anne reiterated this mantra, she pointed out that it wasn't a working monarchy, it was a job, you turn up on time, you do your research, and do the duty. It's all about the project at hand. She also pointed out that whatever charities you are involved in, you needed to get involved and get immersed."

But, as per the insiders, Anne reportedly felt that Meghan did not take too much of this on board, as when she was patron of the National Theatre, she "did not get too involved."

Princess Anne reportedly shared advice with Meghan about joining The Firm

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If it seems like a harsh criticism from the normally reserved Princess Royal, it’s perhaps a sign of how seriously she takes her duties.

She is, after all, often known as the hardest working royal – undertaking countless royal engagements each year and taking on more work than royals decades younger than her.

For her well-observed dedication to royal duties, earlier this year at the Coronation of King Charles, she was appointed her brother’s "official bodyguard".

She held the position of "Gold-Stick-in-Waiting", something historically handed to a person entrusted with the personal safety of the sovereign. The Office of Gold Stick dates back to Tudor times when two officers stayed close to the monarch to keep them safe from danger, according to the Household Cavalry Foundation.

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Whether or not Anne correctly foresaw Harry and Meghan’s exit from royal life cannot be known for sure, but the Princess Royal’s prescience might have been proven once again.

Contrary to her brother’s vision, Anne spoke candidly about disagreeing with his vision of a slimmed down monarchy.

And, as it would turn out, she might have been right about this too. A royal expert has suggested the King’s vision has become "implausible" as younger royals are being reportedly lined up to take up spaces on the roster of working royals.

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