The flat Princess Diana was ‘happiest’ in to be honoured in this unique way

Princess Diana’s former flat had the sign ‘Chief chick’ on the door

Diana, Princess of Wales (1961 - 1997) sitting on a step at her home, Highgrove House, in Doughton, Gloucestershire, 18th July 1986.
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Princess Diana’s memory will be immortalized at her former flat where she was allegedly the ‘happiest’ and had the sign ‘Chief chick’ on her door. 

• English Heritage have announced that they will be remembering the late Princess Diana with a historic sign
• Princess Diana's former flat in London is the suspected location for a new blue plaque
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Princess Diana will receive the historical honor of an English Heritage blue plaque. It is thought that this plaque will be placed on her London flat that she shared with various girlfriends before she married Prince Charles and started her life as a royal. 

In Andrew Morton’s book, Diana, In Her Own Words, Diana described the years that she lived in the flat as, "the happiest time of her life." She continued to say, “It was juvenile, innocent, uncomplicated and above all fun. I laughed my head off there."

The flat is located in a grand mansion block at 60 Coleherne Court in Earls Court. English Heritage announced that the plaque will be placed later this year, when she would have celebrated her 60th Birthday.

Princess Diana

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English Heritage's curatorial director, Anna Eavis, said that the Princess’ was "an inspiration and cultural icon to many” which was a major factor when considering whether she should be memorialized with a plaque.

Anna Eavis said, "Her profile and popularity remains undiminished nearly 25 years after she died and clearly a part of that was the ease with which she seemed to communicate with everybody. I think what appealed to the panel when they were considering her nomination was she's undeniably a significant figure in late 20th Century Britain, with a close London association obviously.”

Anna continued to say that in addition, Diana's pioneering charity work, which she undertook as a member of the Royal family, was another reason why the Princess will be receiving this honor. "She did undeniably play an important role in destigmatising HIV/Aids and also towards the very end of her life campaigned in those anti-landmine campaigns which was also very important,” said Anna. 

In the UK, the honor blue plaque has been used to memorialize various icons who have lived in England. English Heritage also announced that five other women will be recognized with a blue plaque on their properties in recognition of their inspiring work. The six plaques, including Princess Diana's, address the gender imbalance in the list of people who have previously been awarded these historic signs.

Blue Plaque for late ballerina Dame Margot Fonteyn

Blue Plaque for late ballerina Dame Margot Fonteyn

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