The Queen wins Pointless thanks to secret knowledge of this obscure topic

Queen Elizabeth II
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The Queen took part in a game of Pointless whilst visiting her local Women's Institute meeting at the West Newton Village Hall last month and one of her speciality topics has been revealed.

The game was hosted by Pointless presenter Alexander Armstrong who appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning.

The TV host told Richard Madeley and Kate Garraway about his experience with the Queen whilst appearing on this morning's show.

The Pointless host said, “I was invited to the WI...Tiny village hall in the middle of the countryside, 35 people in the audience, one of them who just happens to be the Queen.”

During the show, he discussed the Queen’s impressive quiz skills, including a random topic she did very well with, “She got one spot on. The category was owls and I said, ‘How many people do you think said snowy owl?’

“They were going to go for ten people of 100 and she said, ‘No, I think 12’ and she got it spot on. She knows her owls…”

The Queen really is full of surprises!

Visiting her local Women's Institute meeting at the West Newton Village Hall is an engagement she fulfils every year after Christmas, given that she has been a member of the branch since 1943, and it's just around the corner from her royal estate.

The Queen is said to be a huge fan of the BBC evening quiz show Pointless, regularly watching it at home with Prince Philip. So it's likely that she was delighted to join in.

The game reportedly saw the Queen head up her own team - while the other was captained by Yvonne Browne, vice-president of the WI branch.

And it seems the monarch's years of watching paid off, as she and her team revealed their quizzing skills, eventually winning the trophy.

Alexander revealed that they played five games in total, and the Queen's team won three of them.

He confessed that the 91-year-old definitely had “some deft, silky Pointless skills”, after describing her as “our most distinguished viewer”.

The TV presenter also said, “I think Her Majesty and the team can be very pleased with themselves tonight and go back covered in glory.

"I think they can look back over the match and feel rightly proud of what they achieved."

Before heading in to the meeting, Alexander Armstrong confessed that it was going to be a dream come true to meet the Queen. He said, "I think everyone I've ever spoken to has said they've had a dream where they had tea with the Queen - I'm going to get to do that."

Yvonne Brown also spoke about the Queen's visit, saying it was a "lovely afternoon"

She continued, “It's our centenary year and the Queen very graciously said a few words about the fact it was our centenary and she hoped that the fun and friendship would continue into the next century."

We just wish we could've been a fly on that wall...

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