32 candid photos of Queen Camilla that perfectly showcase her goofy side

Here are 32 candid photos that showcase the Queen's delightful goofiness...

Queen Camilla.
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She may be one of the most well-known royals, but beyond the poised public image, Queen Camilla has a playful side that can often be seen in candid snaps. 

From completing circus tricks to meeting a 10lb eagle, Camilla is known to get involved in plenty of fun and unusual activities during her royal engagements, making for some hilariously candid images which offer a refreshing glimpse of her joyful personality.

32 candid photos that show Queen Camilla's goofy side

1. Camilla's thumbs up at Clarence House

Queen Camilla with her thumb up.

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Posing for a different camera to the one capturing this photo, Camilla was seen giving the photographer two thumbs up with a slightly awkward smirk while sporting a poppy badge on a deep blue dress with ruffle detailing. The event was held at the home of Camilla and King Charles, Clarence House, where the royals held a reception celebrating 100 years of The Poppy Factory.

2. At the Celebration of Shakespeare

Queen Camilla in a green velvet dress.

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Even though royals are constantly in the spotlight, Camilla has a knack for embracing a playful side in front of the cameras. Dressed in a stunning emerald green velvet dress, she stood alongside her sister, Annabel Elliot, playfully showcasing her outfit at a Valentine's Day celebration of Shakespeare.

3. Meeting Syban Velardi-Laufer

Queen Camilla with Syban Velardi-Laufer.

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Queen Camilla looked enchanted as she met costume designer Syban Velardi-Laufer, who was dressed in a rather interesting get-up, at Kindred Studios' Shepherds Bush pop-up hub, a creative space fostering arts and community cohesion.

4. When she became an Honory Liveryman for the Company of Fan Makers

Queen Camilla becomes honorary liverman.

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Despite her regal composure, Queen Camilla appears slightly overwhelmed and awkward as she is installed as Honorary Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Fan Makers during a ceremony at Clarence House. The amusing photo captures her looking slightly confused at the fan she's holding.

5. When she read a children's book to an audience

Camilla reading a children's book at a library in Nairobi.

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Camilla has always been willing to get involved with all sorts of activities on royal tours and engagements, especially if they involve engaging with communities. This heartwarming photo captures the Queen's enthusiasm for engaging with children, as she read from the book 'Lion and Mouse' at a library in Nairobi, Kenya.

6. When Camilla and Charles got involved with tiling

Camilla and Charles laughing and tiling.

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Dressed in coordinated aprons, Prince Charles and Camilla both showcased their goofy side here, turning a visit to Suffolk, England, into a fun experience as they took part in ceiling tile modelling in the village of Lavenham.

7. When she shared a laugh with Charles

Queen Camilla and Charles.

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Even when delivering speeches on their shared royal engagements, Camilla and Charles are often seen making each other laugh, proving they bring out their silliest versions of each other when together. Here, they were getting ready to unveil a statue of Queen Elizabeth II at York Minster, when they shared this sweet and goofy moment.

8. When she met two detection dogs

Camilla with two detection dogs.

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Camilla embraced a lighthearted moment as she hosted a reception for the 15th Anniversary of the Medical Detection Dogs Charity at Clarence House. Showing her love for animals as well as her goofy side, the Queen played with and fussed over detection dogs Storm and Maggie.

9. Her and Charles' run-in with an eagle

Camilla and King Charles.

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In a delightful royal moment, King Charles had a humorous run-in with an eagle at the 2013 Sandringham Flower Show. After holding the 10lb eagle, the bird spread its wings, surprising both the then-Prince and a startled Camilla.

10. When she was photobombed by a Mr Men character

Camilla and Mr Tickle.

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Camilla added a playful touch to The Hampton Court Flower Show in 2015, standing next to a 'Mr Tickle' scarecrow. The fact that it seems like the result of a photobomb makes this an even more amusing photo.

11. When she got involved at a youth rally

Camilla under a parachute.

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At a youth rally at Saumarez Park in Guernsey, both Camilla and Charles took delight in the playful activities of the day, including running underneath a giant rainbow parachute. Proving again that she’s not afraid to get involved in fun activities, Camilla embraced her inner child, casting aside any regal reservations.

12. When she teased Charles

Camilla and Charles.

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This photo from 2005 proves that the royal pair have always embraced silliness and jokes around each other. In the image, Camilla playfully withholds her pen from Charles as the couple sign the visitors' book at the SEED school in Washington.

13. When she posed with an alpaca

Camilla and an alpaca.

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Caught in a fun moment at the Brecknock Agricultural Society Show in Brecon, Wales, Camilla let her goofy side shine as she posed with an alpaca. Funnily enough, she was also matching with the creature, as her peacock-patterned dress held the same colours as the alpaca's halter.

14. Making even the Queen laugh

Carole Middleton, Queen Elizabeth II and Camilla.

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While Queen Elizabeth II was known to be full of life, she wasn't always seen cracking up at people's jokes. Clearly Camilla's goofy side broke this pattern as she elicited genuine laughter from the late Queen (and presumably Carole Middleton, who also stood with them) at the royal wedding of Kate and William.

15. When she held up a squash

Camilla with a squash.

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Camilla hinted at her cheekier sense of humour during Alexandra Palace's edible garden show, as she held up a suggestively-shaped squash, making Charles giggle.

16. When she played bowls with Charles

Camilla and Charles dancing.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

In this joyful snapshot, Charles and Camilla appear as though they're dancing while playing bowls in the village of Bromham in 2007. Their visit to the picturesque village also marked the Queen's 60th birthday celebrations.

17. When she ate some apple pie

Camilla eating cake.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Caught in a candid snap during her visit to the Duchy Desserts factory in Launceston, Camilla learned about the production process for various desserts, lending a hand with some apple pies. During these culinary escapades, she also tried out some of the pies herself.

18. When she poured a pint

Camilla and Charles with ale.

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In a visit to Bury St Edmunds and Lavenham in Suffolk, this photo shows Prince Charles looking a bit concerned while Camilla seems blissfully unaware. Having just pulled a pint of ale for herself and the now-King, the Queen definitely seemed to be enjoying the royal engagement!

19. When she put her head in a coconut

Camilla and Charles in the Carribean.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

During their Caribbean tour, the now-King and Queen visited the Fond Doux Cocoa Plantation in St Lucia. This funny moment shows Camilla putting her head in a coconut, much to the amusement of Charles. 

20. When she was overwhelmed

Camilla in St Albans.

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Though Camilla's love for children is well-documented, she did seem a little overwhelmed during her visit to St Albans Cathedral in Hertfordshire. Surrounded by children donning colourful outfits of different shapes, Camilla's sense of humour was captured as she looked slightly confused about what was going on.

21. When she and Charles couldn't stop giggling

Camilla and Charles in Norfolk.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Camilla and her husband are often spotted in fits of giggles during their royal engagements and visits. But in this snap from Norfolk it seemed the pair, especially Charles, couldn't stifle their laughter over a private joke no one else was privy to.

22. A royal reception

Camilla attending a Coronation reception.

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King Charles and Camilla attended a reception and dinner in honour of the King's coronation at Mansion House in 2023. But it seemed that Camilla, who stunned in a dazzling black and silver dress, was slightly taken aback when she approached a staff member with a rather large sword.

23. Meeting a cow in Devon

Camilla at the Devon County Show.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

In this delightful snap from Devon County Show, the Queen shares laughter with local food producers and farmers, seemingly even with one of the cows. We're not quite sure what was making Camilla laugh so much, but it's clear she revelled in the summery occasion.

24. When she held up a knife to Charles

Camilla holds a knife while smiling with Charles

(Image credit: Getty Images)

In this amusing image, the King looks fairly alarmed while Camilla holds up a knife with a smirk on her face. The photo was taken at Seppeltsfield Winery in Australia during the couple's royal tour, and it's clear that the people they met were in on the joke.

25. Eating an ice cream at Hampton Court Palace

Camilla eating an ice cream.

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Camilla's candid photos often show the Queen enjoying the duties and delights of the royal tours and engagements that take up her time, and this sunny snapshot is no different. While enjoying the weather at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in 2015, Camilla cooled down with an ice cream.

26. When she looked slightly worried about a fake dog's heart

Camilla holding a fake dog's heart.

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While visiting the Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital in 2015, Camilla appeared a bit apprehensive as she held up a plastinated dog's heart. The visit allowed the Queen to understand how the Animal Care Trust, of which she is a Patron, supports innovative animal care initiatives. 

27. When she sniffed a pipe

Camilla smelling a pipe.

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In a moment during her visit to Bateman's, the East Sussex home of author Rudyard Kipling, Camilla was captured leaning in to smell the scent of Kipling's pipe.

28. When she posed with a knife at the Brooke exhibition

Camilla holding a knife.

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This funny image was taken at an exhibition to mark the 80th Anniversary of the Brooke Charity, of which Camilla is President. Camilla's role within the charity highlights her passion for wildlife and particularly equine animals.

29. When she apprehensively got a henna tattoo

Camilla getting a henna tattoo.

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Though definitely not as painful as a real tattoo, Camilla still looked apprehensively as she sat for a henna tattoo in Fez, Morocco. It turned out beautifully, so hopefully it was worth it!

30. When she knighted someone with a leek

Camilla knighting Callum Arnott with a leek.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

During her visit to the 50th South of England Show in Ardingly, Camilla playfully 'knighted' actor Callum Arnott with a leek, adding a touch of humour to the occasion. We're not quite sure whose idea the leek-knighting was, but the candid moment captures the Queen's lighthearted approach to engagements.

31. When her and Charles made each other crack up

Camilla and Charles laughing together.

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King Charles is known to particularly enjoy the Highland Games events in Scotland, and this photo from 2005 shows that Camilla is just as fond. Holding a wooden cane and some sort of bowl, Charles looked towards his wife, who couldn't hold in her laughter.

32. When she played with 'devil sticks'

Camilla at the West Wilts Show.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

We didn't know Camilla was such a natural at circus tricks, but this photo from the West Wilts Show in Wiltshire proves us wrong. Handling the 'devil sticks' with impressive control, Camilla proved once again that there's not an activity she won't partake in.

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