Prince Charles’ poignant gesture for the Queen honors trailblazers of the past and looks towards a promising future

Prince Charles’ gesture for the Platinum Jubilee is a heartfelt tribute to Her Majesty’s trailblazing past

Prince Charles' poignant gesture will honor 70 years of the Queen's reign
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Prince Charles has announced that a collection of 70 ancient woodlands and 70 ancient trees will be dedicated to his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, to mark her historic 70 years on the throne. The heartfelt gesture is deeply personal to Charles, famous for his interest and efforts in environmentalism, and the trees represent the trailblazing nature of the past.

  • A collection of 70 ancient woodlands and trees will be dedicated to the Queen to celebrate her 70th year on the throne.
  • Prince Charles’ gesture touches perfectly on the Queen’s trailblazing reign, honoring Her Majesty with the tree which inspired Sir Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity.
  • In other royal news, Princess Beatrice christens daughter Sienna in private ceremony.

Prince Charles has announced that a network of 70 ancient trees and woodland areas will be dedicated to his mother to celebrate her historic 70 years on the throne.

In a nod to the Queen’s trailblazing nature, many of the trees have important roots to the past, including the 100 Acre Wood in Winne the Pooh and the apple tree where Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity.

It’s a fitting tribute for Charles to announce for his mother, as the Prince of Wales is famously passionate about conservation and the environment.

Indeed, while making the announcement, Charles delivered a passionate plea.

While standing under the old Sycamores at Dumfries House in Scotland, Prince Charles pointed out that the UK’s woods “were dwindling and must be nurtured” by planting new trees.

Charles said, “I believe it is absolutely vital that we do our utmost to nurture our historic inheritance through careful management and, in the case of the woodlands, that we can expand them and link them to other natural features like our hedgerows.”

“And if we are to create the ‘ancient’ trees of the future, we must plant more trees in hedgerows, fields, churchyards, and avenues.”

The Queen will be honored with 70 trees and woodland areas, including the tree which helped Sir Isaac Newton discover gravity

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Hinting at the forward-thinking vision behind the gesture, Charles added “these working woodlands and magnificent trees span our nation’s amazing landscape and exist for everyone to enjoy.”

One of the trees dedicated to the Queen is the Yew tree at the North Door of St Edward’s Church in Gloucestershire, and Sir Isaac Newton’s apple tree in orchards at Woolsthrope Manor in Lincolnshire.

Weaving the importance of Her Majesty’s legacy with the future of the crown, Charles added, “We need to replenish these precious, dwindling assets for future generations and for our depleted landscapes and townscapes.”

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