Katherine Jenkins reveals Queen's 'maternal' gesture at Buckingham Palace lunch – 'I was really grateful'

Katherine Jenkins has shared the sweet way Queen Elizabeth II helped her to avoid a disastrous moment during a Buckingham Palace lunch

Katherine Jenkins reveals Queen's 'maternal' gesture at Buckingham Palace lunch
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Katherine Jenkins has revealed how a 'maternal' Queen Elizabeth II once rescued her from an awkward situation at Buckingham Palace, adding that she was 'really grateful' for the monarch's kind gesture. 

Katherine Jenkins OBE has shared a sweet memory of the time Queen Elizabeth II helped her to avoid an embarrassing blunder at Buckingham Palace, admitting that she was "really grateful" for the late monarch's subtle gesture. 

The Welsh opera singer spoke fondly of Her Majesty on Thursday during an appearance on ITV's This Morning, after being asked about her dining experience at the Royal Family's headquarters in London over a decade ago. 

"When I was in my mid-20s, I got invited to lunch at Buckingham Palace," she told hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield.

 "It was a small lunch and I was worried that, would my table manners up to Buckingham Palace standards?" 

The 41-year-old went on to recall her confusion over a particular course, in which she was presented with a "piece of fruit" and a "water bowl and some gauze." As she was the first guest at the table to be served, she wasn't initially able to look to someone else for guidance. 

Queen and Katherine Jenkins - Katherine Jenkins reveals Queen's 'maternal' gesture

Queen meeting Katherine Jenkins at the Royal Variety Show 

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"I was thinking, 'Oh no, this is a disaster,'" Katherine admitted, explaining how she was left holding a piece of fruit in her hand because she "didn't really know what to do".

It was at this point that Her Majesty the Queen lent the Grammy-winner a discreet helping hand. 

"Her Majesty was sat across from me and I think one of her gifts was understanding how people were feeling, and being in tune with how people would be reacting, and she sort of sensed that," Katherine said.

"In a very maternal way, [she] sort of caught my eye and it was like a, 'Follow me,' and she helped me in that situation and I was really grateful." 

For those wondering about the secret to consuming the fruit (which was apparently grapes and a peach or a nectarine), the mezzo-soprano revealed that she was required to wash it with gauze before taking a bite. 

Queen and Katherine Jenkins - Katherine Jenkins reveals Queen's 'maternal' gesture

Queen and Katherine Jenkins

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Katherine's recollection of the anecdote followed the news that she would record the first rendition of God Save the King following King Charles III's succession to the throne. 

The talented musician was also one of many British celebrities to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II upon hearing news of her death, taking to social media to offer her "deepest condolences" to the Royal Family and all its Commonwealth members.

"Your Majesty, thank you for all you have given," she wrote. "You have been a selfless constant in our lives, knowing just what to say in our darkest hours. You inspired us with your dignity, your duty, and your grace. I am proud to have lived during your reign, honoured to have sung for you, and privileged to have known you. Rest in peace & rise in glory ma’am." 

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