Duchess Camilla reveals the one thing she and Prince Charles disagree on

Duchess Camilla, Prince Charles

Prince Charles and Camilla are well underway with a hectic schedule at the moment, flying throughout the UK and beyond for a series of royal engagements.

But thankfully during their recent trip to Northern Ireland, the couple got a chance to enjoy a small moment of relaxation, as they attended a reception celebrating artisanal food and drink in Belfast.

Whilst there, the Prince and Duchess got the chance to sample a few local beverages, including some gins from JaxBox Gin, a Belfast company.

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However, it seems alcohol may be the one thing that divides Charles and Camilla, with the Duchess of Cornwall admitting that actually, she isn't a fan of gin at all - oh dear! (But if you are, try ourBlackberry Gin recipe)

Duchess Camilla, Prince Charles

In a video shared by royal reporter Rhiannon Mills, when Camilla was offered a glass by one of the stall-holders, she revealed that she didn't drink it. But it seems Charles doesn't have the same view, with Camilla admitting, "My husband is an ardent gin drinker!"

During the rest of the reception, Prince Charles also enjoyed a pint of beer from a local Belfast brewery, Whitewater.

The Duchess of Cornwall's aversion to gin is certainly an unpopular opinion within the royal family.

The Queen, just like her son, is known to love gin - particularly a good old Gordon's.

Her cousin, Margaret Rhodes, even revealed before her death that the Queen likes to enjoy an ice cold glass of the stuff every day before lunch!

Of course, she isn't the only member of the royals to enjoy a nice tipple at the end of the day. In the past, the Duchess of Sussex has been open about the fact that she loves a good glass of wine - particularly a tasty red.

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In fact, her now-defunct lifestyle blog, The Tig, was named after her favourite red wine, Tignanello. After drinking it, Meghan revealed that it was the moment she finally gained an appreciation of the intricacies of wine.

She confessed, "So there I am, with very minimal wine knowledge and I take a sip of this wine. It wasn’t just red or white. Suddenly I understood what people meant by the body, legs, structure of wine. It was an ah-ha moment at its finest. For me, it became a ‘Tig’ moment - a moment of getting it."

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