Would you splurge in secret?…Today’s Debate

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  • We’ve all been there…you’re walking past a shop window, the perfect pair of shoes catches your eye and the next thing you know, you’re stuffing the shoebox under the bed before your other half catches you. But a new survey reveals that this type of secret shopping is far more commonplace than you might think.
    In fact, the figures indicate that as much as 85% of women keep their purchases a secret from their partners, regularly splashing out on expensive items, such as designer handbags, perfume and shoes, without telling their partner.
    Perhaps even more shocking is that we’re not the only ones at it. 55% of men admitted that they also indulge in the odd secret purchase, buying CDs, DVDs and sporting equipment without the knowledge of their spouse.
    So why all the secrecy? Shouldn’t we be allowed to spend our hard-earned cash how we see fit? Or does a joint account mean we have to ask for permission for our little indulgences? Perhaps secrecy in any form is a bad idea in an equal partnership…but if it means saving an argument, is it worth a little white lie? Depends how much you want that Mulberry handbag! Tell us your experiences in the comments box below or in our forums now…

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