Why Prince Charles Is Upset With William And Catherine

Even though they’re a royal family, it doesn’t mean they’re often any different from a normal, everyday family. And, like any other family, it seems like even the royals annoy each other from time to time. And it’s been revealed that just after their wedding, Prince William and Catherine did just that, to Prince Charles.

Royal autobiographer Sally Bedell-Smith has uncovered the fact that Charles was more than a little unhappy about the newleywed’s 2011 tour around America and Canada, just after they got married.

According to Bedell-Smith, the Prince thought that his son and daughter-in-law used the trip as just a photo opportunity – which left him “more than a little irked”.

The tour was their very first as a married couple, taking place two months after the royal wedding. The couple took a lot in on the 10-day trip, attending a government reception in Calgary, and taking part in a cooking workshop in Montreal.

And the duo made most of being away, dressing up in fun cowboy hats and taking part in light-hearted activities such as a hockey match. The pair were also gifted matching ‘Cambridge’ hockey jackets as a souvenir.

But Charles apparently thought that the visit provided “too many tasteless photo opportunities”, leaving him “not best pleased with the photo-friendly couple”.

According to the Daily Mail, William and Catherine’s tour was purposely a lot less formal than previous royal tours. Kevin S. MacLeod, who is Canadian Secretary to the Queen, organised the visit and reportedly allowed the couple to make their itinerary a lot more relaxed.

And it wasn’t the last visit the couple made to the country. Catherine and William returned to Canada with their family, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, in 2011 – so they clearly enjoyed their first trip over there – even if Charles didn’t.