How Do These Famous Faces Spend Their Summer Nights?

Summer is here, and as the temperature rises and the days get longer, we asked eight celebrities how they make the most of their summer evenings.

 ‘We stay in the garden until three in the morning’ 

Actress Amanda Redman, 58, lives in west London with husband Damian.
‘We love entertaining outdoors. We have a tandoori oven in the garden, and Damian will conjure up delicious Indian tapas meals for friends. We have a decent-sized garden for London and it’s not overlooked, so we don’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbours. We’ll stay out until three in the morning, playing board games and having a ball.’
Amanda is a World Vision Ambassador. Visit

‘My favourite summer nights are shared with family, friends and festivals’ 

Radio DJ Edith Bowman, 42, will be presenting the BBC’s coverage of Glastonbury this year. She lives in London with husband Tom Smith, 35, of the band Editors, and their children Rudy and Spike. 
‘Some of my favourite summer nights have been spent wandering around music festivals. I’ve spent half my life going to them, through work, as a music fan and as the dedicated wife of a musician. My first festival experience was at T in the Park in 1995 and I’ve been to at least three every year since. It’s not just about the music, it’s about the shared experience and being with friends, partners or kids.’  

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‘An evening dip washes off the stresses of the day’

Kirsty Gallacher, 40, is a sports presenter and journalist. She lives in Surrey with her sons Jude, six, Oscar, nine, and Betsy the British bulldog.

‘Being able to make the most of the lighter evenings is what makes summer special for me – especially as I don’t finish work until 7pm. It makes me feel like I have so much extra time. I absolutely love an evening swim in the summer. 

Kirsty is an ambassador for Dive In, a Speedo initiative offering free adult swim-fit lessons. 

‘I head to the park with the kids’


Jenni Falconer, 40, is a TV and radio presenter
definitely a “hot” person, despite being from Scotland. My joints, my
circulation, everything feels like it functions better in warmth. I live
by a park and on summer evenings all my neighbours head out to the
park. The kids play and us adults stand around chatting. On a Friday
evening someone will bring a bottle of Prosecco and it makes for a
relaxed start to the weekend. Lighter summer evenings also make me feel
more energised. In winter I’m asleep on the sofa by 7pm because I have
such an early start for my breakfast show on Heart FM but in summer I
feel more alive and bedtime shifts to 9.30pm.’
Jenni is a British Lion Eggs #EggCentric ambassador. Visit

‘I love unwinding in our greenhouse’

Bestselling author Joanne Harris, 52, lives in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, with husband Kevin, 53.
‘I love to work in the garden, so I get a lot more done in summer. We have about five acres of garden, mostly trees, so it feels like a secluded little forest. I have a stone shed to work in and it’s in the part of the garden that gets the most light – on summer evenings, if my creative juices are flowing, I’ll stay out there writing until it gets dark. And if I’m not working it’s nice to spend time with Kevin relaxing in our large greenhouse. It has a fig tree, some chairs and sofas. It’s a lovely place to unwind.’
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‘I like to spot Mercury when the timing is right’

Astronomer Professor Lucie Green, 40, presents BBC’s The Sky At Night and is Chief Stargazer at the Society for Popular Astronomy. She lives in Surrey with h

usband Matt.
‘I like to go walking in the countryside, perhaps to a nice pub for dinner. After a day in the office, it’s invigorating to feel the warm summer air. Then, once the sun has set, I try to spot Mercury when the timing is right – it’s the closest planet to the Sun and a hard one to catch.

‘My summer evening sanctuary is lying in a hammock in a hidden part of our garden’
Ann-Marie Powell, 44, is an award-winning garden designer and designed the RHS Garden at Chelsea this year.

‘Twilight is my favourite time. Once my two sons are in bed, I’ll head to the end of our garden, just before dark. I have a hammock strung up in a spot that gets the last bit of light. It’s really private and feels like you’re in your own patch of woodland. I love to relax there, it’s my summer sanctuary.’

‘I love going for an evening run’

Jane Costello, 42, is a bestselling novelist. She lives in Liverpool with husband Mark, 38, a BBC producer, and their three sons.

‘I have a holiday home in the Lake District and when we’re there, I love going for an evening run by the lake. I’m a keen runner and being able to get out and run in the evenings feels so special, soaking up all that stunning scenery en route. I rarely write in the evenings, I’m far more focused in the morning. But I love to read so once the boys are in bed I’ll snuggle up with a blanket and a good book out on our terrace if it’s warm enough.’
Summer Nights at The Moonlight Hotel

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