We talk bakes, building quotes and earning a crust with GBBO finalist, Richard Burr…

When did you discover you were good at baking?
Probably about Week 7 of Bake Off!

Haha we’re sure it was before then…

I started baking years ago, as a kid when I was a washer upper at a local bakery, and I used to watch the bakers and then try at home to poorly emulate what they did.

Do you think your building skills have helped you become such a good baker?

think it does help being a builder and being a baker, it’s very
tactile, and always being careful to use the right measurements! I think
maybe there is a bit of crossover.

We bet you are popular on site, do you bake treats for the boys at work?
If the boys are good they get doughnuts, if they are bad they get nothing! They have all been a great support but I do get a bit of ribbing.

Would you ever swap building for a career in baking if the opportunity arose?
It’s a difficult one to answer, I have been a builder to earn a crust, and always had baking to relax. So If I swapped one what would I do to relax?
What sorts of things do you bake at home?
I bake lots of bread, my two daughters always want cupcakes, and the Kouign Amann I made in Week 7, but doughnuts come out of our kitchen at home like a conveyor belt.
How do you manage to get the perfect taste, texture and presentation every time? Our readers find they always have to sacrifice one of the three.
Crikey, I don’t think I did! When I nail something I really do it. But in some weeks, i.e. 5 and 6 I really didn’t make those three work!

Lots of our readers also asked for a quote on their bathrooms. They
imagine that due to the high quality of your bakes, your building work will
be to a good standard. Will your building quotes go up now that you are a

Ha ha ha, no of course they won’t. I have always
prided myself on being a honest builder. I might get more workers in to
help if there is a huge rise in demand.

Where will you be watching the final?
At home with my mum, dad, wife and all the friends and family that have supported me throughout the show.
And finally the million dollar question, why do you always have a pencil behind your ear?

It’s quite boring, but I am just quite practical and forgetful which is never a good combination, unless you have something to immediately write down quotes or measurements with.