Julia Sawalha

VIDEO: 5 Things Julia Sawalha Would Tell Her Younger Self

She’s best known for playing Saffy in Absolutely Fabulous – so 2016 will be quite the year for Julia Sawalha! As we await the release of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie next month, Julia is feeling on top of the world, in both her professional and personal life. Not only is she starring in the most talked-about movie this year, she also met someone during filming, and she seems smitten, saying: “We have exactly the same sense of humour; we laugh all day and he’s the kindest and most loving partner I would ever wish for. I’ve always dated men my ageor older and none of them are a patch on Luke, who is 30. The age gap took me a while to get my head around but he’s so emotionally mature that he helps me be more relaxed and unguarded.”

The actress may have a sure-to-be-hit movie under her belt, but there’s is one downside: she’ll have to miss Glastonbury Festival for the premiere! Julia said: “I go to Glastonbury every year but this year it clashes with the premiere of Ab Fab! I’m still going to try to sneak one night in though. I just love it – the music, the whole vibration, camping, being with friends at the biggest party in the world and forgetting everything else for a few days.”

She may still be young at heart, but what advice would 47 year-old Julia give to her younger self? “Try and go to bed before the sun rises”. Well, with Glastonbury on the horison, we have a feeling Julia will find it difficult to stick to her own rule!

Read the full interview with Julia in our July issue, out now, and see her in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, in cinemas on 1st July.