Unforgotten's season 5 cast: Who are the suspects and what do we know about them after episode 1?

Here is everything you need to know about Unforgotten's season 5 cast, including all the major suspects after episode one

Unforgotten's season 5 cast
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Unforgotten season 5 began with a bang on ITV on Monday, February 27. Here's what you need to know about the incredible cast and the numerous suspects...

Fans were devastated when at the end of season 4, Nicola Walker left Unforgotten after a 'brutal' finale that saw Cassie Stuart completely written out of the show. However, season 5 of Unforgotten has begun without Cassie, but with a number of returning and brand-new characters. Here's everything you need to know about Unforgotten's season 5 cast, including all of the suspects following the first episode.

**Warning, this episode contains spoilers about episode one of season five!** 


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Returning cast members

Sanjeev Bhaskar, who played DI Sunil ‘Sunny’ Khan in previous seasons has reprised his role in season 5. The season begins with Sunny still reeling from Cassie's sudden death and struggling to adjust to working with DCI James. 

In the episode, Sunny's relationship with Sal appears to become strained as he struggles with his grief and is seen mourning at Cassie's grave and lying to his partner about working late.

He is then seen typing out a resignation letter and it is suggested that he wants to leave immediately. However, he seems to be reignited in his work when it is found that his victim died no more than six years ago - and it's 'game on' as it is no longer an old case unworthy of investigation.


Carolina Main as DS Fran Lingley

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Also reprising their roles from the previous seasons of the show includes Carolina Main who plays DS Fran Lingley, Jordan Long who plays DS Murray Boulting, Lewis Reeves who plays DC Jake Collier, and Pippa Nixon who plays DC Karen Willetts.

New cast members


Sinéad Keenan as DCI Jessica James

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Filling in Cassie Stuart's role, Sinéad Keenan has joined the cast as DCI Jessica James. Sinéad is best known for her work in Being Human, Three Families, Showtrial, and a guest role in Derry Girls. For DCI James, the series kicks off with her first day of the job and her struggling to adjust to her new role as she ruffles feathers with her new approach of focusing on solving cases that have taken place more recently.

Andrew Lancel plays Steve James in season 5 of the show. In the first episode of the show, it is revealed that his character is married to DCI James and he tells her he's been having an affair just as she is about to leave for the first day of her new job.


Martina Laird as Ebele Falade

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Ian McElhinney plays Lord Tony Hume in the show. Ian is best known for playing Granda Joe in Derry Girls and is also known for his work on, The Fall, The Tudors, and Taggart. He is introduced as a posh aristocrat who is struggling with his health and is meeting with a doctor to learn if the tumors in his body have spread. He seems to have a sense of humor and a kind streak as he helps out at a local community hall and plays table tennis with the youths.

The legendary stage and screen actor Hayley Mills plays Lady Emma Hume, Tony's wife. Hayley is best known for her work on Wild at Heart, The Parent Trap, and Tiger Bay. Hayley's character is introduced late into the first episode and she is shown to be the loving wife of Tony who lives in a sprawling countryside home away from the city.

Martina Laird plays Ebele Falade. Martina is best known for her work as Comfort Jones on Casualty, she also appeared in, The Bay, and EastEnders. her character is introduced as the owner of a busy vegan restaurant who is having issues with her chef and partner, Dave. 

After a failed pitch meeting she punches him in the face while he is driving, suggesting she has a violent temper. She calls her sponsor at the end of the episode and reveals that she wants to have a drink as she has hit him 'again'. This could be an indicator of something more sinister in her past that she has tried to move away from.


Max Rinehart as Karol Wojski

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Max Rinehart plays Karol Wojski. Max is best known for his work in Industry and Miss You Already. Karol is introduced as a social worker who is helping his coworker translate his messages from his family into Polish. 

It is clear that he can speak both Polish and English and he seems like a sweet man who is trying to help a friend out. He also seems to be struggling with money as he finishes one job and immediately begins working as a taxi/Uber driver. 

He also lives with a girlfriend but is lying to his parents about his relationship status - adding mystery to his character


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Rhys Yates plays Jay. Rhys is best known for his work on The Outlaws and Silent Witness and his character Jay is introduced in the season as a mugger who attacks a woman for her handbag and leaves her bleeding and unconscious on the pavement. 

It is then revealed that he and his girlfriend are drug users who appear to be squatting in a rundown flat and in the first episode his girlfriend takes an overdose. He is controlling as he picks her up from the hospital, demanding that it should be his decision to decide how much she takes. 

The first episode ends with the revelation that the body found in the chimney has only been there for a short while and the case is now open. However, it is unclear how the suspects that were introduced in the first episode might be linked to the dead woman, or how they could be linked to one another. 

While some of the characters may seem more wholesome than others, it is still unclear which one of them could be linked to the dead girl in the chimney.

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