This Week’s News In Pictures

Mary Berry’s New Show On The BBC Has Been Announced

The BBC has announced Mary’s first post-Bake Off show titled Mary Berry’s Secrets From Britain’s Great Houses. The show will see Mary sampling the culinary histories of stately homes and creating new recipes inspired by her visits. Berry will explore the workings of the houses as she visits kitchens, gardens and private rooms. The new series will have 6 parts and each episode will be 30 minutes long. We can’t wait for Mary Berry to be back on our screens!

ABBA Have Confirmed They Will Reunite In 2017 For A Top Secret Project

All four original members of ABBA have revealed they will be reuniting for a new digital entertainment project which will be announced in 2017. They’ll be working with music guru Simon Fuller – who managed the Spice Girls – as well as Universal Music Group. The majority of the details of the upcoming project are being kept confidential, but it has been been unveiled that the reunion will involve virtual reality and artificial intelligence to create a new entertainment experience.

Thoughtful Pet Owner Makes Her Dog’s Last Day Alive The Best Ever

Photos have been shared on Twitter of a pet owner treating her dying beagle, Daisy, on her final day alive before being put down. The dog owner’s son, Victor Flores, shared photos on social media after his mother sent him updates as the day progressed. The thoughtful owner treated Daisy to home-cooked bacon for lunch followed by a walk and then a chicken and steak dinner. Daisy had been in the family for 13 years and the decision to put her down was due to a ruptured disk on her back causing her to have lost control of her lower body. Many users on Twitter have been touched by the story and have praised the family for their thoughtful efforts.

Could A Downton Abbey Musical Be On The Cards?

The creator of Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes has indicated that a musical adaptation of the popular period drama could be on the cards, albeit without the original cast. He indicated at an awards ceremony in London that discussions have taken place mentioning that a number of companies were interested in adapting it. He was quoted as saying that the current actors and actresses would be unsuitable for any role in this version, ‘as I don’t remember any of them as particularly good singers’. Julian would be well placed to work on a potential adaptation having already written several musicals, including the Andrew Lloyd Webber play School of Rock. A Downton world without Maggie Smith, Michelle Dockery and Elizabeth McGovern? We don’t know how we feel about this.

Pete Burns, Frontman Of Dead Or Alive Dies Aged 57

Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns has died aged 57, after suffering from what has been described as a major cardiac arrest. His death was announced in a statement released on Twitter by his management and family, where they expressed deep sadness. It read, ‘All of his family and friends are devastated by the loss of our special star. He was a true visionary, a beautiful talented soul, and he will be missed by all who loved and appreciated everything he was and all of the wonderful memories he has left us with.’ The singer rose to fame in the 80s as the frontman of his band Dead or Alice with hit records that included the1985 song You Spin Me Round. In more recent years he has appeared on reality shows including Celebrity Big Brother, Celebrity Wife Swap and The Body Shocking Show. Stars including Boy George and Davina McCall took to social media to express their sadness over the news. Boy George said, ‘Tearful about the passing of @PeteBurnsICON he was one of our great true eccentrics and such a big part of my life! Wow. Hard to believe!’. Davina McCall said, ‘So so sad to hear about Pete Burns…we parties hard in the 90s…RIP Pete x.’


Britons Ditch The Cash As It Is Revealed The Average Person Carries Less Than £5 With Them

Carrying cash around could soon be a thing of the past as it is revealed that the average person carries less than £5 with them. More of us than ever are using card, our phones or contactless cards to pay, making notes and coins increasingly obsolete. The study by Mastercard found that 43% of people would say they carry less cash with them then they did two years ago with one in ten of us already having given up carrying a purse or wallet altogether. In the UK alone 17 billion transactions are made by card each year, an increase of 9% year on year. Mark Barnett, President of Mastercard UK said of the findings, ‘Cash usage is being buffeted by the dual forces of increased online expenditure and consumers embracing the convenience, speed and security of card and digital payments.’


Benedict Cumberbatch And Wife Sophie Are Expecting Baby Number 2

Just 15-months after the birth of their first child, it has been revealed that Benedict Cumberbatch and his wife Sophie Hunter are expecting their second. The couple revealed their baby news on the red carpet premiere of Doctor Strange. The baby bump was clear to see with Sophie showing it off in a stunning, strapless black dress. The star of Sherlock and his wife welcomed their first son Christopher back in June 2015 just a few months after their star-studded wedding. Congratulations go out to the happy couple.

James Corden And Tom Cruise Act Out Tom’s Most Famous Film Roles In Hilarious Sketch

As part of a sketch on The Late Late Show, Tom Cruise and James Corden reenacted some of Tom’s most iconic films to hilarious effect. The duo joined forces acting out iconic scenes from films, that included Top Gun and Cocktail, from his 30-year career. Over nine minutes viewers were treated to a funny array of clips that included quick costume changes and some dodgy wigs, which added to the comedy. Other side-splitting moments came from the reenactment of some of the stunts in Mission Impossible as well as Jerry Maguire in which Cuba Gooding Jnr also made a surprise appearance. Watch the clip for yourself here…

Our Favourite Gogglebox Duo Just QuitIf you were wondering why you haven’t seen anything of Gogglebox’s Steph and Dom in the latest series of the popular channel4 show then you’re not alone. Viewers have been taking to social media to question where the TV duo have been and after a bit of investigating have revealed some devastating news. The well-loved couple have quit the show. In a statement released by the pair they said ‘We think it’s important that everyone gets their chance to be on Gogglebox and give their opinion, and having been on it from the beginning we felt like we’d pretty much said all we needed to say, and we knew what we were going to say. You can have too much of a good thing so you can’t over do it’. We’re hoping this isn’t the end and that they might do some cameo’s once in a while. We will miss their wine quaffing ways.

Waitrose Is Changing Its Waitrose Card Perks And People Aren’t Happy

Just days after it was revealed that store goers would have to show proof of purchase before they took advantage of the supermarket stores free coffee comes news that their free newspaper deal is also changing. As the offer currently stands you can get a free newspaper of your choice once you spend £5 but from the start of November the minimum spend will be upped to £10. Twitters have taken to Twitter to share their disgust at the 100% price increase. A wait rose spokesman said, ‘Like any business, we regularly review promotions to ensure we balance providing value for our customers with a return on our investment. We are still the only supermarket where if you buy a selected newspaper you will receive money off the rest of your shopping.’


Adele’s Romantic Surprise
She famously penned records about her past heartbreak but her love life seems to now be going from strength to strength following a romantic gesture from her long term partner. The singer’s boyfriend Simon Konecki, of whom with she has a three year old son, surprised her on their fifth anniversary by replacing confetti with handwritten notes at her Nashville gig. Adele and fans alike were delighted as thousands of pieces of confetti fell from the ceiling with hand-written notes on them. The messages which were shown online, by fans who were at the gig, contained messages including ‘I love you’, ‘You are an angel’, and ‘Happy Anniversary’. It comes as the Rolling in the Deep singer recently spoke of her desire to extend her brood revealing to recent concert goers that her womb was starting to ache now her child is about to turn four.

 Will You #GetYourStripes?

The festive season is steeped in tradition and one of our favourites is slipping into brand new pyjamas on Christmas Eve. This year, Anna Friel and Alesha Dixon have teamed up with Matalan to help support the Alder Hey Children’s Charity with a special range of stripy PJs.

Cut from cosy material there’s a matching set for you, him, the kids and even the dog – if you really want to go to town. Everything is under £10 and 100% of the profits go direct to Alder Hey Hospital and the 275,000 children they care for every year. End 2016 with a good deed and snap up yours today…

Plus, share pics of your #GetYourStripes PJs on social media and you could feature alongside the celebs on Alder Hey’s website.


Phil Collins Announces Comeback Tour

Phil Collins quit the music industry more than 10 years ago but has delighted fans by revealing that he is to tour once more. The Against All Odds singer will perform a five-night residency at the Royal Albert Hall in London, before other dates in Paris and Cologne. The former drummer and frontman of the band Genesis is one of only a handful of stars to sell over 100m records making him one of the must successful musicians of all time. The singer revealed that he changed his mind about retirement after performing two charity shows last summer.


Meet The Romeo and Juliet Of The Cat And Dog World

A pair of star-crossed lovers at an animal shelter in California are looking for a home that will take BOTH of them in after they were found living rough on the street together. Orange tabby cat Romeo and Miniature Schnauzer Juliet make an unusual and rather controversial pairing but it hasn’t stopped them becoming inseparable. When they were found by a good samaritan they were hiding under a car together and cuddling and refused to be separated. Normally cats and dogs live in different sections of a shelter but after it became clear both animals were lovesick they were reunited. The shelter are now hoping that a home will be found for both of them together to prevent a Shakespearean tragedy occurring.

London Zoo Gorilla Recaptured After Enclosure Escape

A dramatic evening was had at London Zoo, as male gorilla Kambuka made a bid for freedom, causing a major security alert. The animal escaped his enclosure after repeatedly charging at the glass enclosure, sparking an emergency that resulted in a lockdown of the Zoo. After the animal that weighed 28 stone and was more than 7ft tall escaped, visitors of the Central London attraction were shepherded into multiple safe buildings where they were kept until the situation was resolved. 45 minutes after Kambuka escaped, the gorilla was shot with a tranquilliser dart and returned to his den. It has since been revealed by a spokesman for the zoo that the male is alive and well saying, ‘we’re happy to report that he’s up and grumbling, and interacting with the rest of his family in his gorilla kingdom.’ Eye-witnesses likened the escape bid to something out of Jurassic Park, where dinosaurs instead of gorillas escape from a zoo. Visitors who visited Kambuka before the incident said that he had seemed ‘really angry’ and was ‘banging on the cage.’ The incident comes just months after the shooting of Harambe, a silverback gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo which sparked outrage across the world. The charity Born Free Foundation warned that the situation ‘could have ended very differently’ and are calling for an ‘urgent inquiry’.


John Lewis Launches £450 Tree Dressing Service For Christmas

It may be more than 70 days away, but putting your Christmas tree up might just got a little easier with department store John Lewis announcing a luxury tree styling service for your home. You’ll need a big budget though, with the new service, reserved initially for its London stores, setting you back £450. The cost includes: a visit from a designer, who will visit your home to to get a sense of what will work best in your existing surroundings, as well as tree delivery and decoration. The cost isn’t just for the stylist though with £250 of the cost redeemable against purchases of decorations and trees. The retailer has described it as a premium service catered for those looking for ‘something special’. It might particularly appeal to the instagram/social media generation who want to post pictures of their decorations on various sites, and those with £450 to spare.


The New £5 Notes Are Going For A Ridiculous Amount Of Money On Ebay

If you have any of the new plastic £5 notes in your purse or wallet then it might be worth checking the serial numbers after several notes sold for thousands of pounds on the popular bidding site. The new design, made of plastic polymer, launched last month with several new features, including one that means that it is very difficult to rip them. Ones with low serial numbers, that would have been from the first printing run, are now being seen as collectors items and being sold for far more than their value. One particular note, with a serial number that starts with AK47, looks let to make the most money with the current winning bid set at £80,000. 

Tesco And Unilever End Dispute Over Prices Rises

Tesco has resolved its dispute with Unilever after previously running out of popular household products including Marmite and PG Tips in a row about inflated prices. The supermarket giant decided that they would not be ordering more stock until the row had been settled, refusing to pay the 10% price hike the house goods supplier added on. Other products that were affected by the row included Hellmann’s mayonnaise, Pot Noodle and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream as well as Flora butter and Surf washing products. The new pricing the supplier tried to bring in stemmed from the falling value of the pound amid the prospect of a ‘hard Brexit’. Unilever said in a statement ‘we are pleased to confirm that the supply situation with Tesco in the UK and Ireland has now been successfully resolved. We have been working together closely to reach a resolution and ensure our much-loved brands are once again fully available. For all those that missed us, thanks for all the love.’